Meet Our New Contributor: Jackie Poss


I’ve always been one of those emotional, creative types who can’t keep her mind still.

Logan and Jackie PossWhen I was nine years old, immediately following my Grandma’s death, I wrote three songs. I sang them to my family, a cappella, with my back turned to them. I can still remember broken phrases from each song: “You took my shirt, you took my shoes…why did you leave me, what did I do wrong?”

In high school, I quit a lifelong passion for soccer because of some bad experiences and insecurities. I learned how to play the guitar, recorded a CD full of new songs I had written and named the album, “I Quit Soccer.” I then set out on a path to be in the music business. Realistically, I knew I wasn’t good enough to be the artist, so I settled for trying to become the artist’s manager. I always said that I didn’t need to be the one winning the award, but I’d like to be thanked in the acceptance speech. I went to the University of Washington and landed my dream internship at a popular record label in Seattle, feeling like I was well on my way. Except that I hated it. A year and a half later, I moved back to Oregon.

After my music business #fail, I decided to study Education based on two bits of information: Out of all my schooling I loved elementary school the most, and growing up I spent many summers as a nanny. Based on that, I enrolled at the University of Oregon and not only earned my degree, but was slated to begin their Master’s program. Before it started, though, I knew that while I loved kids, I wasn’t meant to teach. So, I never started the program.

I moved back in with my parents, started working at my dad’s law firm while I “figured things out,” and simultaneously began a writing project called The Things You Would Have Said that started as a blog and grew into a published book that excited media outlets like USA Today and CBS Sunday Morning. It was a deeply moving and unforgettable experience for me. Once the hardcover and paperback came out, however, I felt my time with the project was complete. And I had no other worthy book ideas, no matter how many times people asked, “So are you writing another book?” From there, I was offered the unique opportunity of being a book publicist and tried to utilize what I learned on my own book journey to help other authors.


In the most life-changing event of all, my hubby and I had a baby. Jackie Poss and familyAnd my whole world turned upside down, filled itself with an overwhelming, pinch-me-I’m-dreaming love, and turned back up again. Soon, it became clear that having a 9-5 job, away from my son, was not at all going to be my life. So I left.

I started my own business where I get to engage my entrepreneurial spirit and work on projects and with people that interest me (and write for Portland Moms Blog)! I now get to watch my son grow, seeing all of the little moments I would have otherwise missed. With the sweetest baby boy, a charming husband, and a custom-made career, I feel like I’ve finally found my purpose—filled with business calls during nap times and early morning work before diaper changes—and I love every minute of it.

I’ve never been more proud to be the emotional, creative type. Without that crazy, soul-searcher spark, I might never have been brave enough to keep taking chances and follow my heart. I’m so thankful I did.


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