Lee Ann Moyer

Lee Ann Moyer - Owner, PMC


Lee Ann moved to Portland in 2008 following an eight-year stint in Paris, France, where her oldest was born. Though she was certain nowhere could compete with the City of Lights, the City of Roses immediately stole her heart. More than a decade in, she still loves Portland and couldn’t imagine a better place to raise her four kids.

While in France, she earned a B.A. in Journalism and a Master’s in Linguistics at the American University of Paris and L’Universite de Paris – La Sorbonne, respectively. Once back in the United States, she completed the Portland State University graduate program in Speech and Hearing Sciences. Throughout her studies, she kept one foot in the digital world, writing content for a variety of publications and creating websites for some fun and interesting clients.

After many years as a medical Speech Pathologist, she left to the field to continue writing through her company, Gulch Media, and later to become the owner of Portland Mom Collective. Her work has been featured in The Oregonian, Portland Monthly, and over a dozen national newspapers. In 2021, she returned health care, where she now works in communications.

She likes to spend whatever “me” time she can muster making soap, geocaching, jogging, practicing yoga, or sewing.

Get in touch by sending a note to leeann {at} portlandmomcollective {dot} com, or follow her on Instagram.

Katie C

Katie Carrick - PMB Project Manager

Project Manager

Katie is an East Coast transplant, now fully embracing the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. She grew up and attended university in North Carolina, where she met her future husband while pursuing her Biology degree. Her husband was attempting to finish a PhDin Materials Science, truly a Romeo and Juliet story if there ever was one. Katie spent her pre-children years working in a variety of genetics laboratories (her favorite subject) and is a self-proclaimed biology nerd.

Seeing as she didn’t already have enough bodily fluid in her life, Katie is now a stay-at-home(ish) mom to a strong-willed toddler, a velcro baby, and a little dog named Mendel.

Katie started writing after she sustained a rather traumatic injury before the birth of her second child. She now enjoys using her scientific background, experience with parenting, and stellar sense of humor to write pieces that inform, relate and entertain others. Her writing style is remarkably similar to her parenting style: If you take yourself too seriously, you’re going to have a bad time. As Project Manager for PMB, Katie is the mastermind behind most of the site’s resources and guides, as well as a few of the more creative social media endeavors followers may enjoy.

Her personal blog is Raised on Love and Science. Come for the articles, but stay for the silly parenting memes. Katie also writes content for a variety of websites and businesses.

Katie K

Katie Koehler Reed - Sponsorship Manager

Sponsorship Manager

Katie and her husband Brad moved to Portland from Chicago in 2015.  After nights dreaming about how they would simplify their lives juggling jobs, commutes, and nannies, Brad got a call about an opportunity in Portland. Neither had ever been to the PNW, but one visit and they were sold. Now they spend their nights scheming how to get their family and friends to come west.

Katie has a 10-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son as well as a 20-year-old stepdaughter who has celebrity status with the other two when she is home from college.  Katie is a freelance advertising producer, blogger, and avid school volunteer constantly adjusting to find balance. 

As Sponsorship Manager, Katie connects local businesses with readers to bring relevant content to the PMB community. She can be contacted at katie {at} pdxmomsblog.com.

When she isn’t chatting with sponsors, shuttling kids to sports, or navigating the college system, she can be found at one of Portland’s amazing coffee shops working, reading some YA fiction, or out for a run up Mt. Tabor.  

You can follow Katie on Twitter and Instagram @iportlanded and read her occasional musings on her personal blog at Portlanded.net.

Jen Knight



Jen set the stage for Portland Moms Blog when she founded it in early 2015. After nearly two years with PMB, Jen stepped back from site ownership, but her early work and commitment to the PMB community continues to shine today.

Jen is a Type A introvert who is continually learning {in large part as a result of motherhood} that she can’t control it all and that everything is better with chocolate. After spending most of her life in Minnesota, she made Portland home a few years ago along with her New York native husband, Phil, and their lovely littles, Connor {November 2010} and Brielle {April 2013}.

In addition to her newer roles as mom, pastor’s wife, and business owner, Jen works part-time doing corporate communications for a business travel management company. She loves all kinds of music and enjoys reading when she can find the time.

Jen also quickly fell in love with Oregon and, along with her family, is determined to explore all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. At their current stage of family life, she and her hubby give every adventure a 50/50 shot of succeeding without a child {or parent} meltdown.