Portland Mom Collective is excited to partner with #IMOMSOHARD to share some big laughs at their Portland show.

For all the mamas out there who only survive this parenting journey via laughter, reality checks, and yummy beverages, have we got a show for you. Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley are coming to Portland with their #IMOMSOHARD:Ladies’ Night tour, and Portland Mom Collective can’t wait to be there!

Moms know how ridiculously hard it is to parent our kiddos without losing our minds and our own personhood. Raising our children to be safe, well-adjusted, kind, capable, and all the other things the world demands of us is too much if we can’t laugh about it.

Enter Kristin and Jen.

Image of Kristin and Jen from #IMOMSOHARDKristin and Jen were two friends commiserating over the “joys” of parenting when they decided to record their honest talk – all the fears, frustrations, thrills, and moments of utter confusion that parents experience. That decision to turn on the camera and talk about mom life launched a whole new world for these ladies. Because it turns out, surprising no one, ALL moms go through similar feelings and emotions during the roller coaster of parenthood.

And we love knowing we’re not alone.

Jen and Kristin’s live tour gives all of us permission to laugh at the missteps and falls we take as parents. It allows us to laugh at the weird and confusing things kids do sometimes. And it lets us remember that we don’t have to parent in a bubble or pretend everything is great all the time. In fact, it’s good for us to acknowledge all of the goofiness that parenting brings, for better or worse.

Rather than hiding all the foibles behind a carefully curated feed, Kristin and Jen pull back the curtain and spill all the dirt on everything from swimsuit shopping to sex. Laughing – or crying! – about all the strange parts of motherhood doesn’t make us bad mothers. It makes us real humans who need connection and reassurance.

The #IMOMSOHARD: Ladies’ Night tour gives us just that.

At Portland Mom Collective, we love anyone who supports parents without judgment or blame, and what better way to do that than through comedy? Kristin and Jen are coming to Portland on Sunday, April 7th, performing at Revolution Hall. This 21-and-over show starts at 8:00pm and is sure to offer plenty of belly laughs and camaraderie as we all enjoy the shared ups and downs of motherhood. 

I’ll be there, ready to laugh til I cry! You can grab your tickets here, and be sure to follow #IMOMSOHARD on social media

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Kristin Ratten is passionate about seeing moms and entrepreneurs succeed. As the mom of four teenagers, she understands the ups and downs of parenthood in all its stages and the unique challenges that come with running a business while running a family. And as the owner of Little Lambs Christian Montessori School, Kristin has 30+ years of teaching and parent coaching experience. Kristin also owns Kristin Ratten Content Services, where she spends time creating high-performing content and strategy for small business owners. She is a vocal advocate for small businesses and supporting local economies. When she’s not teaching/writing/parenting, Kristin is an avid reader, making her uniquely suited to the rainy days of her native Pacific Northwest. She and her husband are embracing this stage of parenting that involves being called “Bruh” on a regular basis.



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