Kristin Ratten is passionate about seeing moms and entrepreneurs succeed. As the mom of four teenagers, she understands the ups and downs of parenthood in all its stages and the unique challenges that come with running a business while running a family. And as the owner of Little Lambs Christian Montessori School, Kristin has 30+ years of teaching and parent coaching experience. Kristin also owns Kristin Ratten Content Services, where she spends time creating high-performing content and strategy for small business owners. She is a vocal advocate for small businesses and supporting local economies. When she’s not teaching/writing/parenting, Kristin is an avid reader, making her uniquely suited to the rainy days of her native Pacific Northwest. She and her husband are embracing this stage of parenting that involves being called “Bruh” on a regular basis.
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I’m So Over this ’18 Summers’ Mom Guilt Trip Trend

Momming is so freaking hard. And exhausting. And overwhelming. And, oh yeah, rewarding. But being a mom in the age of social media is downright toxic at times. Depending on which accounts you stumble upon,...
Surrogacy Grace can help those interested in becoming a surrogate.

An Inside Peek at Becoming a Surrogate

The path to parenthood is different for everyone. Some may experience an unplanned, straight-shot path to pregnancy and childbirth while others have years of planning and trying with all kinds of twists and turns...


For all the mamas out there who only survive this parenting journey via laughter, reality checks, and yummy beverages, have we got a show for you. Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley are coming to...
Portland Mom Collective 2024 Guide to Portland Summer Camps

2024 Portland Summer Camp Guide

Spring may have just begun, but we know parents are already thinking about Portland summer camp options! We're excited to share some of the great camps in and around town for your kiddos to...

Girls on the Gridiron

Girls and women were meant for football. Give us the ball, and let us play! So sayeth Milly Pineda, former professional football player, and current youth coach. Today’s football landscape proves to us that Pineda...
Image of American Idol contestant Colin Stough.

Going Back to School American Idol-Style

Depending on your POV, we are now in either the best or worst season of the year - back-to-school shopping. Are your kids excited? Nervous? Filled with existential dread? And how about you? It’s the...
band programs help kids feel safe and wanted

The Beauty Behind the Scenes of High School Band

I never had any intention of being a marching band mom. And I certainly had no idea what it would entail once I became one. Unbelievably long days at competitions, freezing nights at football...
Raising conscientious gifters is possible!

Raising Conscientious Gifters

‘Tis the season of giving, or so every single possible advertising arena tells us right now. Unfortunately, as every parent knows, advertisers carefully craft and manipulate this season of giving to build a sense...
I am both sad and thrilled for this next stage of parenting.

Why Is My Daughter Going to College Without Me?

My husband and I just moved our oldest child to college. And there’s no other way to say how I feel about it other than it sucks.  I think it goes without saying that I’m...
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Dear Parents, Your Child’s Teacher Needs Some Space in September

Ok, mamas. The school year is starting, and that fall buzz is in the air. You’ve got the crayons, backpacks, notebooks, and lunch boxes all in order (or not, if you’re more like me)....