Stepping in Style with Mooshu Trainers {Giveaway}


{This post is sponsored by family-owned Mooshu Trainers toddler shoes. The opinions are 100% my own, and Portland Moms Blog only promotes brands we believe in.}

Mooshu-Girl-Purple-Tutu-SM-PhotoWatching a child take his or her first steps is one of the many amazing things we get to witness as parents – and it’s also quite entertaining. With arms outstretched, those cute wobbly legs start moving underneath them, and just like that, with lots of claps and cheers (and maybe a bittersweet tear from mom), they go from baby to toddler.

Both of my kiddos took quickly to walking–even running–soon after those monumental first steps. But getting them comfortable with wearing shoes on those active feet was more tricky. You see, before my kids were walking, I rarely bothered with shoes. As a result, when shoes become a need, they were less than enthusiastic about these odd foot accessories, and it became a daily struggle.  

If I were to do it over again, I would have done two things differently. One, I would have sported shoes on their feet sooner, and two, I would have purchased better quality shoes that were actually comfortable (duh!) and that that they would be excited to wear. Yes, even though I knew they would outgrow them in less than a year, it would have likely avoided this particular parent-child power struggle as well as the bad walking habits that led to my daughter walking almost exclusively on her tip toes at 18 months. And unlike the fancy Easter dress worn once, her shoes are worn every day!

With those lessons now learned, I was excited to introduce my now 2-year-old daughter to Mooshu Trainers – a toddler shoe brand that makes quality shoes, sandals, and boots with definite fashion-forward style and serious comfort.

Mooshu Toddler Shoes

When I helped my daughter slip these sparkly Mary Jane’s over her little piggies, I felt a bit like her Fairy Godmother. Also, I do mean slip them as opposed to trying to jam them on her feet, because the shoe’s wide toe box design is made for the unique shape of toddler feet. Once they were on it took about .2 seconds before my daughter announced, “ready, set, GO!” and took off running (and squeaking) around the house. 

Yes, I said squeaking, because each pair comes with fun, removable squeakers in the heel to encourage proper heel to toe gait (i.e. no more tip toe walker). It also made it pretty easy to keep track of my always on the go gal.

Mooshu Toddler

Regular readers know we at Portland Moms Blog are partial to family-owned businesses, and Mooshu Trainers is family owned, family tested, and family loved. They believe in refreshing “old school” principles of customer care where their goal with each purchase and interaction is your happiness.

So, for the new walkers in your life, check out Mooshu Trainers online to see all their classic yet fun styles for boys and girls. Also, by signing up for the Mooshu Trainers newsletter on their website, you’ll receive a discount on your purchase! Buy a pair for now and the next size up for later (and add these shoes to the holiday gift idea list you’ll be handing over to grandma in a couple of months)! Also, let us know what you and your littles think about this fun, functional, and fashionable footwear.

Last but not least, enter below for your chance to win a free pair of Mooshu Trainers

A Pair of Mooshu Trainers Toddler Shoes
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