Eight Parenting Podcasts to Get You Through the Day


Washing dishes, driving carpool, pushing the kids on the swings. So many parenting tasks are mindless, repetitive, and well, boring. My lifesaver to get through the boring parts of motherhood is a good podcast. 


You’re not alone if you’re thinking ‘what’s a podcast?’ Podcasts are online radio shows you can listen to with your phone or computer. More than 26% of Americans listen to podcasts regularly, and that number is growing. Because anyone can record and publish a podcast, there are podcasts for every topic imaginable, including parenting.

Listening to a good parenting podcast feels like listening to your smartest and funniest mom friends. They might cover topics as mundane as party gift bags, or as serious as overcoming the death of a child, and everything in between. Podcasts are an entertaining and informative way to feel connected with other parents. And since it’s hands-free, you can listen while making dinner, watching swimming lessons, or even driving.

Here are a few of my favorite parenting podcasts:

1. The Mom Hour

Hosts Meagan and Sarah’s podcast makes “you feel a little better about the mom you are today.” The show tackles regular life issues like potty training and birthday parties in a nonjudgemental way. If you like this show, there are more podcasts like it through the Life Listened podcast network.

2. Just Add Sprinkles

A new podcast from our very own City Mom Blogs Network! Stephanie hosts a fun and positive podcast that celebrates motherhood. The show “will bring a smile to your face, a skip to your step and a sprinkle (or two) to your mundane.” Each week Stephanie talks to a different Mom/Expert about issues that every parent can relate to.

3. The Longest Shortest Time

One of the best-known parenting podcasts, this award-winning show covers “stories about the surprises and absurdities of raising other humans.” The show was created by Hillary Frank, who used to be a contributor to This American Life. Episodes range from heartbreaking to hilarious, and are always interesting.

4. Go Mom Go

A parenting podcast from Eugene that talks about “parenting, pop culture, and life in the Pacific Northwest.”  Listening to hosts Emily and Amy is like chatting and giggling with two friends about raising kids in the PNW.

5. Edit Your Life

This podcast is about “simplifying, decluttering, and making room for the awesome in your life.” The show is hosted by authors and mothers Christine Koh, and Portland’s own Asha Dornfest. While not every episode is specifically about parenting, there are episodes on Helping Teens Thrive and Non-Judging Food Tips for Families.

6. Mother Birth

Here is another local podcast from right here in Portland. Their podcast has a “vision of helping women explore and tell the stories of their experiences of motherhood.” Hosts Melissa and Laura are a birth doula and labor and delivery nurse, respectively. Because of Melissa and Laura’s backgrounds, Mother Birth isn’t afraid to talk about emotional topics including birth stories and adoption.

7. Spawned

Hosts Kristen and Liz’s podcast is “parenting culture discussions, non-judgy (mostly) tips, and a good dose of humor.” The ladies aren’t afraid of strong opinions, salty language, and a good laugh. The hosts also edit the website Cool Mom Picks and give plenty of fun product recommendations.

8. New Mommy Media

This is a podcast network with shows geared to new and expectant parents. Some shows like The Boob Group are about specific topics like breastfeeding. Others, like Preggy Pals take on broad topics like pregnancy. There’s a show for every new parent on this network.

What is your favorite parenting podcast? Please share in the comments!