Mom of Three and a Serial Entrepreneur


A life with three wonderful boys…

It’s not easy being a mom of three. It’s a full-time career. Add to that the job of being a passionate wife, and let me tell you it’s hard but totally rewarding! I have so much responsibilities to fulfill, but I get so much love in return. Fair enough, right? But what if I tell you that apart from being a mom and a wife, I am also a serial entrepreneur? Is that even possible? Well yes, it is!

Being a serial entrepreneur:

I am a hands-on mother and wife but I still make sure I take good care of my career as well. Most people would think that it’s entirely impossible to get the best of both worlds, but I did! And I bet all super moms out there could do the same.

I’ve been working as a successful, independent insurance agent where I get my regular and passive income. Because of this, I was able to venture to other businesses, like owning a coffee shop.

Serial Entrepreneur

My precious time schedules.

I don’t have super powers, but I have superb time management. That’s what makes me capable of doing all the things I love. Top it all off with determination and hard work, and I’m at my best!

My life before success…

Before I came to where I am right now, I had my fair share of struggles. I was in a car accident twice in two months,even though I am a careful driver. But, we can’t stop bad situations from happening. After that, I was unable to work. I went on disability and lost my job. My injuries took over a year and a half to recover from. I felt trapped, hopeless, and depressed.

In October of 2013 I was still suffering from chronic pain, but I made a decision to go back and work as an independent health insurance agent. This time, armed with experience and determination, I made a decision to make things happen.

It’s not easy but definitely worth it.

Juggling my family, career, and simple pleasures has been a very difficult task. Being a serial entrepreneur made it even harder, but hardships taught me much, and I became stronger. As a famous saying goes “pliant like a bamboo,” I will bend but I will not break. To all the moms out there, it’s never too late to start your passion. I know you can make it like I did!