Heather lives, writes and raises children in sunny Bend. Her 7-year-old son says that her superpowers are cooking and comforting. Her 9-year-old daughter says that if Heather was a flavor she would be sweet and sour. That pretty much sums it up. You can read more of her writing at www.heather-mcpherson-writing.net. When she's not writing or Mom-ing, Heather works as a nonprofit fundraiser. In her free time, she enjoys long books, short hikes, expensive pastries, and cheap wine.
Skyline of Seattle

5 Fun Activities for Families in Seattle

Have you ever been to Seattle on a trip with your family? Whether you visit on a weekday or weekend, there are a ton of family-friendly activities to do in Portland's super cool sister...
Mess of toys, paper coffee on desk

“Mom, Can You Do Less?”

It was another typical, stressful morning. The kids were playing legos instead of getting dressed. There was sword fighting with toothbrushes instead of brushing teeth. Eating breakfast somehow involved dance moves and a bowl...
Person meditation on ground with palms up and a plant nearby

Meditation: My Secret to Being a Good Mom

I was a bad mom before I started meditation. Or at least, I felt like I was. My kids were healthy and happy. They ate balanced meals, had early bedtimes, and lived in a stable...
Columbia River Gorge

Five Staycation Adventures Within an Hour of Portland

We all love a good family vacation, but sometimes summer calls for a ‘staycation’ right here at home. But a staycation doesn’t mean you can’t discover someplace new. If you’re looking for a new...

“Was I just Twerking?” Finding My Joy Through Dancing

“Nice twerking today,” my friend said to me as she passed by me on the way out of my Zumba dancing class. “What?” I spinned around in shock, but she was gone. Who me? Twerking? No, not...

You Can’t Baby-Proof a Broken Heart: Helping Children Through Divorce

I baby-proofed my house with a vengeance. Dangerous electrical outlets were covered, cabinets that could pinch little fingers were locked, the toilet lid was locked down, and stairs were behind baby gates. I bought...
Summer snack

4 Summer Snack Hacks

The soundtrack of my summer is the sound of the kitchen cupboard door opening and closing, the tap of bowls set on the counter, the rustle of hands stuffed into a box of crackers,...

Back in the Day: How Stories Can be Used to Connect with Children

One night at bedtime my child whispered stories to me. They hid their face under a blanket and told their most shameful secret in stops and starts. Fortunately, their story was fairly innocuous, about...
Travel with Kids

Traveling With Kids Is Hard – Do it Anyway!

I boarded my first flight as a mom when my baby was twelve weeks old. I had a stroller, a diaper bag, an Ergo, a sling, and no idea what traveling with a baby...
Stop time

You Can’t Stop Time: One Mom’s Journey to Accepting that Babies Grow Up

I watched my wobbly, big-eyed baby toddle towards me. Her arms outstretched, she fell into my arms. She handed me a board book and asked, “Read this?” I had dreamed about moments like this...