The ABCs of our Mom’s Night Out and Launch Party


PMB Launch PartyHey, mamas! Our Mom’s Night Out and Launch Party at Fancy That is coming up soon. Get your tickets here or through our Facebook event page.

Here are the event ABCs you should know:

{A} ALL attendees will get LOTS of great stuff! Everyone attending will receive:

{B} BIG giveaways will be awarded to a lucky handful of moms. These include:

{C} COST will be free if you are the lucky reader who wins two free tickets to the event by entering the giveaway below before midnight tonight!


Come with friends or come solo; we want to meet you! See you there!

Mom's Night Out & Launch Party
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Jen is a Type A introvert who is continually learning {in large part as a result of motherhood} that she can’t control it all and that everything is better with chocolate. After spending most of her life in Minnesota, she made Portland home a couple of years ago along with her New York native husband, Phil, and their lovely littles, Connor (November 2010) and Brielle (April 2013). Jen quickly fell in love with Oregon and, along with her family, is determined to explore all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. At their current stage of family life, she and her hubby give every adventure a 50/50 shot of succeeding without a child {or parent} meltdown.


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