Dump the Frump; Your Boobs Deserve Better

Motherhood changes a lot in your life, but it shouldn't have to change your style. We're delighted to partner with AVYN to bring you the content in this sponsored post.

Remember the pre-kid days? When you could leisurely stroll through trendy shops (the ones with the adorable, tiny knick-knacks that are only placed at lower levels to stress moms out) and buy clothes you loved and couldn’t wait to wear? Clothes that, from the moment you put them on, gave you a little boost of confidence so you could take on the day like a boss?

Dump the Frump-Your Boobs Deserves Better

Those also happened to be the days where you could make less-than-practical purchases, because your clothes didn’t have to pass a test: Can I throw this in the wash? Is it ultra comfortable? Can I haul grocery bags in this? Will it hide stains? Where will I actually wear this? Can I feed my baby in it? Does it have pockets?

Now, as moms, not only do we have to have higher standards for our clothes, we also have to ask them to do a lot more than carry us through an evening of live music and dancing. So, why is it that the moment we begin the search for maternity wear, we’re entering an unfamiliar territory with a surplus of beige nursing bras and babydoll fitted dresses? Where were the things we wanted to wear before pregnancy? We clearly didn’t get the memo that becoming a mom meant you needed to pack up your sense of style and store it in a place to revisit only for a short trip down memory lane.

That confident vibe you get when you’re feeling incredible in your own skin? It’s real and it shouldn’t have to disappear just because you’ve entered a new phase of life. We have experienced this too, and we get it…the struggle is real. This is why we created nursing bras designed to move with us throughout our day that we… (amazing concept here) actually wanted to wear!

AVYN nursing bras were created by two local Portland Moms for the modern woman, who wakes up each morning with a to-do list longer than the Columbia River and doesn’t have the time (nor the energy) for multiple wardrobe changes throughout the day. We bridged the gap between fashion and function and developed a nursing bra that will move with you from barre to brunch.

What Sets Us Apart

Designed for movement: Moderate support, 4-way stretch & moisture wicking technology will keep your girls high and dry as you get your exercise fix.

Made with moms in mind: Pull aside access for easy breezy breastfeeding! And let’s face it, all boobs are not made equal, so whether you’re feeling the effects of gravity, lopsided, or experiencing postpartum size fluctuations, AVYN nursing bras will give your breasts subtle shape.

Customizable: Adjustable back clasp and removable pads to keep you in charge of your fit and shape.

Comfort: With wireless support, buttery soft fabric, and tagless labels (so long, underwire), you’ll be comfortable 24/7.

Sports bra meets bralette: A sophisticated yet playful look with strappy detailing in the back available in a refreshing array of colors and prints.

Our debut collection of nursing bras is available on shopAVYN.com and you can keep up with our adventures on Instagram. Pop over and say hi! We love making new friends.

Inspired by our love of exercise, getting outside and simplicity, AVYN nursing bras are designed for comfort, support, and most importantly, your incredible taste. So go on with your bad self and hit the trails, feed your baby, and enjoy happy hour, all while wearing the same bra. The AVYN collection has two styles, each with three color or print options to make you swoon. You deserve it.

With love, Chandler Lettin and Lauren Woodworth, proud founders.