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Portland Mom Collective is a group of writers raising kids in the Portland area, sharing their stories and experiences with our community.

2021-2022 Back-to-School Printable (FREE!)

Many of us have mixed feelings about the start of this year, and a lot of us are on edge. Perhaps this year more than ever, it's important celebrate the start of a new...
Pencils, calculator, paperwork for tax plans

Poppins Payroll: Hassle-free Household Payroll and Nanny Taxes

Over the past year and a half, many parents found themselves suddenly seeking nanny services, often with little time to prepare or room to research. And while many might have magically found their perfect...
Field of plants with pollen on blue sky

A New Approach to Allergy Treatment Comes to Portland Metro

Allergy suffers around the world agree: allergies can be debilitating. From sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, and irritated skin, to even more serious reactions, living with allergies is often unpleasant and sometimes excruciating. While more...
Jars of nuts and grains

Food Allergies + Kids: What Parents Need to Know

Food allergies are on the rise, affecting approximately 1 in 13 American children. For those parents who have experienced food allergies first-hand, it can be overwhelming and scary. To help us better understand what we...
Holladay Park Splash Pad

Summer Splash Pads & Fountains In + Around Portland

There's nothing like fountains and splash pads to wear out the kids and allow you to relax. While there's lots of before and after work to get ready for these adventures, I always find...
Syringe and vial

Q + A with Dr. Sanjeev Jain :: Vaccines + Allergies

Portland Mom Collective is committed to sharing resources and information with families living in the PDX area. In our Q + A Sessions series, we talk to local experts in their fields about common...
Interview with Dr. Potter - YouTube Video

Q + A with Dr. Angela Potter: Postpartum Health and Wellness

Portland Mom Collective is committed to sharing resources and information with Portland families. In our Q + A Sessions series, we talk to experts in their fields about common topics relevant to our readers.  In...
Easter Paint Your Own Cookies

PMC 2021 Mobile Easter Bunny Visits [Event Recap]

In 2020, the team at PMC was in the midst of organizing an indoor egg hunt event for Portland families when the pandemic cut our plans short. Like so many other things that year,...
Springtime blooms

A Parent’s Guide to Seasonal Allergies in Portland

Ahhh... springtime in Portland. That beautiful time of year when the sun shines a little longer, the plants begin to bloom, and, for many of us, the allergies start up. For parents with kids...
Kid sitting on steps outside of school

The Day Everything Changed

2020 was so many things, but we can all agree it was... different. We asked a few of our contributors to share a the moment they knew everything wouldn't be the same for awhile....