Don’t Give Up: A Letter to the Tired Mama


Dear tired mama,

Do you ever feel like the world is against you? Or, maybe not the whole world, but your kids, your pets, and your husband? Those days when you’re just worn out, weary, and feeling a little beat up. You strive for a healthier lifestyle, a better marriage, well-behaved children, and yet it seems as if you are running in circles. It may be discouraging, but please don’t lose heart. Don’t give up on the important things you are fighting for. Keep fighting!

The frustrations are real. They seem to come at once, and they wear you down. I understand because I am tired too.

Don't Give Up

Your intention to exercise was good, but then the kids got sick and your life came screeching to a halt. It’s been over a week since you’ve done anything more strenuous than taking the garbage out. So much for that new workout plan. Instead of a morning spent clearing your head and getting fresh air, you had to take temperatures and give medication. Don’t let this short break discourage you; it’s only temporary. Don’t give up on taking care of your body.

It’s the days when you’re most sleep-deprived, emotional or hormonal when sugar and comfort food is irresistible. When all you have energy for is scanning the cupboard, hoping to find cake or cookies, but instead settle for a handful of chocolate chips and a jar of peanut butter. Some days just call for that and it’s okay because every day will not be like this. You have self control and you can eat healthy to feel great.

Don’t give up just because you got a little off-track today.

You’ve waited hours for him to come from work, to tell him about your day and hear about his. The anticipation gathers as his truck pulls in the driveway, but somehow the first words spoken are misunderstood and there is instant tension. It is so tempting to play the silent game, or make a monster out of him. But it isn’t always like this, and you know he isn’t the enemy. You are just two weary people coming together after a very long day. When you have the good moments together, the ones that make your heart skip a beat, remember why you fight for this. The hard work invested in marriage is worth it.

Don’t give up on talking and communicating with your man, and giving grace when needed.

I remember the sleepless nights of pacing the floor, soothing a fussy baby. Those early hours of the morning are always the most difficult, and the loneliest. You feel as if you and the inconsolable baby are the only ones awake in the world. But these days won’t last forever, just like the craziness of potty training and chasing a toddler around. Unfortunately, all these years are too short.

Don’t give up, your baby will sleep through the night soon. 

Relationships, parenting, and managing a healthy lifestyle aren’t easy and there is no instruction manual. It’s a process of learning and bending and extending a lot of grace. It seems easier to just quit trying when life dishes out a whole lot of difficulty, and so often we wish we could.

The road in front of us feels long and rough, but when we experience a victory, small as it may be, we will be glad we persevered. It is tempting to give up when the house is in disarray and relationships are tense, but your breakthrough may be just around the corner.

Whatever you are facing today tired, weary mama, don’t give up. Cut yourself some slack where needed, and fight like crazy for the things that are most important. You will come out on the other side and be victorious! Even if it is with a spoon in the peanut butter jar and laundry piled up around you.

Don't Give Up



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