Chelsea and her family live in a small town east of Portland. Recently they moved to a little piece of land surrounded by tall fir trees where they enjoy the solitude of the country. She has been married to her best friend for 17 years and they have been blessed with a son through adoption. Chelsea owns a small leather business that she runs from home. She spends a lot of time in the kitchen trying new recipes and cooking. She enjoys planting a garden more than harvesting it, hiking, camping and hunting with her husband. Coffee, tea, heartfelt conversations and chocolate are a few more favorites and if they can be combined, even better!

Letting Your Kids Spread Joy

I was grocery shopping at Winco several years ago with my baby son who had just starting to sit upright in the cart. I wiped the cart down with at least 100 sanitizing wipes...
body image

The Reflection I See In The Mirror

If I can be totally honest, writing about body image terrifies me. This topic is not easy nor simple; it's quite complicated actually. I fear talking about it because I don't want to start the...

Drowning in the Pressure of Motherhood

The pressures of motherhood are real, and some days I feel like I'm drowning in all the expectations. As moms we multi-task, balance schedules and do our best to keep everyone happy. I continually...
Don't Give Up

Don’t Give Up: A Letter to the Tired Mama

Dear tired mama, Do you ever feel like the world is against you? Or, maybe not the whole world, but your kids, your pets, and your husband? Those days when you're just worn out, weary,...
Mother's Day ideas

My Favorite Mother’s Day Adventures Around Portland

It's almost Mother's Day and you know what that means? It is the one day we moms can request anything we want. Of course it's also a day we celebrate our own mom and...
living with infertility

Living With Infertility: When You’re Not Over It

I often say, "I'm over it" concerning infertility. Truth is, I am not over it at all! Living with infertility has been one of the hardest things I have gone through. After eleven years of...
Hard Work

Teaching Kids the Value of Hard Work

I was close to my son's age when I learned my first big lesson about hard work. We lived on a small farm with horses, goats and a big yard. A memory that will...
only child

It’s Not My Choice: Changing My Perspective on Having an Only Child

She looked at me and asked, “Is he your only child?” "Yup, he's it," I respond and then shift in the awkward silence. She is looking me over as if she is wanting an explanation,...