Becoming a Goal Getter


I confidently stared into the mirror and the woman looking back was different. After 18 months, I had lost 100 pounds, but my eye caught something more. Achieving great success in weight loss trickled into other areas of my life in 2019. I became a blogger, a business owner, a bona fide runner, and a leader. I stepped into my own and discovered my transformation had brought a whole new world of opportunity and friendships. I became a more present mom, wife, and employee. I was healthier, happier, more whole; and the change radiated from my reflection. These are some of the skills I learned on goal setting through my personal journey. 

Build Big Hairy Scary Goals

When you challenge yourself to do big things that you’re really passionate about, you dedicate more energy to achieving the desired result. The bigger the goal, the more vested in the process you become.

Focus on one day at a time

It’s important to not get hung up on the big scary hairy goal and instead be focused on the day to day habits and patterns that can influence the goal. Picking the right habit makes progress easy.

Make a realistic plan

Create a road map and stick with it. Discipline takes planning in advance as well as consistent follow through. When we are thoughtful and intentional with our plan, we’re more likely to succeed.

Say no to getting derailed

In the moment, the pull to rely on old, comfortable coping skills will creep up. Following through on your intentional plan makes that tiny devil on your shoulder quiet down until the new commitment becomes routine.

Fall in love with the process

Find or create tools that you love for planning and tracking your goals. My routines are personal, and my daily habits become second nature. Falling in love with my tools makes it easy to get back on track when I momentarily slip off course.

Consistency and commitment

The most challenging part of reaching your goals is maintaining the actions needed to achieve the dream. Building discipline requires consistent daily effort and fighting off all the old habits. You have to rise above comfort and instant gratification. Commit to something for a set time frame and go all in. Start where you are, build consistency and

Change happens over time not over night

Resist the urge to quit and keep pressing forward. Change can be uncomfortable but know the magic is within you to keep moving forward. Give yourself grace and understand it takes time to be comfortable with a new habit or routine.

Think ahead

We all have tendencies to feel unmotivated and fall back into old routines. In the moment of resistance, visualization can help keep you on track. Imagine what the end result looks like and what you need to do to make the right choice in the moment.  

Find joy in the journey

We live in a results-oriented society and mark our lives by great milestones, but life is made up in the days and moments in between. Learn to enjoy each step in the journey, not just the end result, and you will find greater happiness overall.    

I hope you take time to reflect on your year and look for opportunities to grow in this new decade.

Happy New Year!