Brandee “The Bee” Sheldrake is a wife, mom to a preschooler and a kindergartener, rheumatoid arthritis warrior, and full-time commercial interior designer living in Camas, Washington. Meal planning and meal prep were the game changers which led to her 100-pound weight loss and freed up time so she could do more of what she wanted; enjoying the outdoors and playing with her kids. Follow her meal planning, meal prep, and weight loss journey at
Assorted vegetables on a table

10 Tips to Meal Prep Like a Boss

When I started meal prepping my goal was less about wanting to lose weight and more about wanting to feel better. I also wanted a healthy relationship with food, I wanted to not hate...

Halloween at Home

When my husband was growing up, his mom always made pumpkin cookies for Halloween. He vividly remembers the bright orange frosting on the cut-out cookies and gently placing candy corns for the eyes and...
Meal Prep Mom

10 Back-to-School Meal Prep Tips

I consider myself a meal prep advocate that has been practicing what I teach since 2018. When my kids transitioned to distance learning in the spring, a whole new set of challenges came up...
Window Art

A Tinge of Fairy Dust

I have worked almost exclusively from home since 2014. People’s response in the past whenever I mentioned I worked from home was often “that’s so great you get to spend extra time with your...
Long Term Food

Pandemic Prepper

In 2009, my husband and I put together emergency “bug out bags” which included flashlights, N95 masks and MRE’s. We created the bags, put them in the garage and more or less forgot about...

(Pandemic) Comfort Cooking

In the last several weeks, I’ve had some virtual happy hours with different groups of women. We can all collectively agree that life has been turned on its head, there’s no doubt about that....

Healthy Food Guard Rails

My husband was driving home from work one day and made a quick stop at the store to pick up a few items. He was hungry so he bought a good-sized bag of Boom...

Finding Power in a Group of Women I Never Knew I Needed

When I was a new mom, I was knee-deep in post-partum depression, I was exclusively pumping and managing a severe rheumatoid arthritis flare. I took a long weekend and went away with some friends...

Becoming a Goal Getter

I confidently stared into the mirror and the woman looking back was different. After 18 months, I had lost 100 pounds, but my eye caught something more. Achieving great success in weight loss trickled...
Healthy Holiday Eating - Brandee with Baby

Keeping Your Health in Check During the Holidays

Maybe it was a small piece of leftover candy from Halloween or the last slice of pumpkin pie, but something told me I needed to make a change in my relationship with food and...