Mama Misconceptions: Style Edition


Arbitrary standards: we all have them! I’m the first to admit that I have my own set of particular and peculiar rules and misconceptions. It’s true that I’m a stickler for making sure there are never any dirty dishes left in the sink; yet I leave half-filled cups of coffee all over the house. Or my hyper-politeness requires people to ask me if I would like some of their french fries at least three times before I feel comfortable devouring them without seeming rude.

Other Portland rules? “If you have more than three cats, look out – you’ve become a Cat Lady.” “You can’t take your out-of-town friends to Voodoo Donuts – it’s so cliché!” or “We should welcome all types of people in our wonderful city… except Californians.”


You can find these arbitrary misconceptions in all areas of our lives – including your style. While everyone’s standards vary somewhat, here are THREE style misconceptions I encounter too often that hold moms back from experiencing true joy from their style.

Mama Style Misconception #1: “There’s. No. Time.”

With incessant demands of little ones and the never-ending to-do list always present on your mind, it can feel like there’s no way any sane mom can have time for style. That’s why I’m all about simplifying your style into a “Mom-iform” – a mom uniform. By creating a simple, structured outfit which can be varied as needed (like skinny jeans, v-neck tee, and a draping shawl), you can take the time and thinking out of being stylish by slipping into a variation of your own mom-iform. You’ll be ready AND cute for whatever the day throws your way in five minutes or less! While it’s true there isn’t time for a thirty-minute think tank session to plan your outfit for the day, I would bet that most moms have five minutes to spare for an easy outfit.

Mama Style Misconception #2: “I Can Never Wear…XYZ”

It’s really tempting to live in the extremes, but style is found in the grey areas. If you’ve every found yourself saying, “My body looks terrible in XYZ dress” you clearly just haven’t met the right dress yet.

Or perhaps you say, “You should never mix patterns…” Says who? I’ll rock some muted paisley and stripes in the same look if I please! How about, “Anything with a raised heel is too uncomfortable to wear” Not until you’ve melted into the perfectly supported shootie!

Absolutes are style killers; they prohibit you from discovering what you really love and stop you from looking your best. Allow yourself to live into the grey, not the black and white; this is where style is born!

Mama Style Misconception #3: “I’m Too Old to Wear This!”

Of all the style misconceptions, this one breaks my heart the most. I believe we can experience more of our style as we age, not less! As each year of life passes, you know yourself that much more as a unique individual. With a deeper understanding of yourself, you have that much more to express to the world through your clothing and style. “Fashion is For the Young” is just a myth. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a super mom with some decent life mileage behind her painting the town red in their style mojo.

One Step at a Time

Now, I realize it’s easier said than done to move away from these style misconceptions. We hold onto these rules and beliefs for a reason, and it often takes a journey to move away from our limits and into joyful style. Thankfully, the first step is a manageable one: identifying the misconceptions we buy into and taking a good look at their truthfulness (or lack there of).

What are your own style misconceptions or ones you have seen in others? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I agree with this! With a deeper understanding of yourself, you have that much more to express to the world through your clothing and style. “Fashion is For the Young” is just a myth.

  2. I still struggle with #2… I constantly look at pieces at the store and put them back because I don’t think I can pull it off! It takes a lot of confidence!

    • Dawn, I can totally relate. I believe it takes a mixture of confidence and also an awareness of finding the right pieces that really reflect your personality and style. If you’re feeling it though, go for it! The only person whose opinion matters at the end of the day is yours 🙂

  3. I love this blog! I can and do definitely wear what I want but also something that accommodates me being a mom.

    Don’t want to set a bad example for my kids.

    Thanks for this!

  4. I am guilty of no.2. I have always had issues with my body image so there are plenty of styles that I love but would never wear them because I think it would look rediculous on me.

  5. I love this! I’ve never given in to the misconceptions for style..I’ve always just worn what I want lol. But this is a great post!

  6. I really believe you make motherhood whatever you want it to be. You want it to be hard, it’ll be hard. You want it to be simple, it usually can be simple. Great post!

  7. I love this! I fall into the no time aspect sometimes, but I typically rock skinny jeans, flats, a cute fitted t and a cardigan, and I definitely feel better than when I just throw on a sweatshirt.

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