Kat Depner

Portland’s Mom Whisperer. When it comes to style, Kat Depner knows a thing or two about turning Moms in a style slump into chic, comfortable Mamas-on-the-go. Residing in Southeast Portland, Kat is the owner of Seven Styling and blogs weekly on her style blog, Seconds to Impress. She loves to laugh, and she and her husband could take down The Office Trivia Night with the right compadres. Kat’s super power is finding you consigned clothing that requires you to pick your jaw up off of the floor. You can follow Kat on Instagram @sevenbykat for more stylish giggles.
Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe To Fall

Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

It’s almost that time of year again; time to jump into a big pile of colored leaves! The mornings will soon be too brisk for your bare arms to handle without another layer. September...
summer dress

Summertime and the Style Is Easy: Your Perfect Summer Vacation Dress

When there are too many options to choose from, we rarely make the best decision. Whether you are at a new brunch spot staring down 50+ carb-laden, coma-inducing delights on the menu or sifting...
Mama Misconceptions: Style Edition

Mama Misconceptions: Style Edition

Arbitrary standards: we all have them! I’m the first to admit that I have my own set of particular and peculiar rules and misconceptions. It’s true that I’m a stickler for making sure there...
3 Steps To Busting The Style Rut

Busting the Style Rut: 3 Steps to Breaking Free

The Dreaded Style Rut – I shake my fist at thee! After witnessing you cover countless people with your stubborn, persistently lethargic sludge, I’ve made it my mission to vanquish you once and for...
Kat Depner's 3 signs you're in a style rut

The Dreaded Style Rut: 3 Warning Signs

Do the words "NO!" or "Meh" or an infinite, deadened silence fill your thoughts when thinking about your current wardrobe? If so, it is very possible you are experiencing what some refer to as a...
Portland Spring Looks

Portland Spring Looks: Easy Outfits for When It’s Neither Cold Nor Warm

There is nothing like a Portland spring! Cherry blossom-lined streets, the sweet aroma of chalk and cardboard “Estate Sale” signs, and of course, the blinding visual display of beautiful, pasty Portlander legs basking in...

Shopping Champion: Three Habits of Highly Effective Shoppers

Promise me something. Cross your heart and hope to eat pie; wrap thai noodles around your thighs...I can’t remember the exact wording of that childhood pact, but it was something along those lines. Promise...
Kat Depner helps you win the battle against a warzone closet

Organizing Your Closet: Winning the Battle in Your War Zone Wardrobe

The battle of organizing my closet all started with an innocent promise of brunch. Within seconds, I was scrolling through provocative displays of Hollandaise sauce, eyes wide and mouth gaping open like an anime character....
master your look

Style For The “Stupidly Tired” Morning: Mastering Your Look In 15 Minutes

Stupidly Tired: an unfortunate, chronic condition where the power of one’s tiredness somehow unlocks incomparable and amusing acts of utter stupidity. We have all been there. We find ourselves in an unshakable, lethargic state that...

Holiday Queen: Three Stress-Free Looks To Conquer Your Holiday

Seven years ago, I hosted my first holiday as a freshly-minted married woman. On that day, I was a glamorous holiday queen - no duplicitous contouring or tilted camera angles required. My show-stopping holiday...