Score Amazing Deals at These Portland Consignment Sale Events


Where do you find the best deals on *insert basically any kid-related item here*? Sports equipment, baby clothes, shoes, Halloween costumes, maternity jeans, you name it – these questions seem to continually pop up in the local mom group chats.

So where do you find your best deals? Store sales racks? Online? Garage sales? How about a Portland consignment sale event?

Clothing rack rack with various children's clothing on colorful hangers at a consignment sale event

What is a consignment sale event?

You’re probably familiar with consignment stores. Folks bring in their gently used (or sometimes still new) items, and the store sets the price and sells the items. The buyer gets a heavily discounted item, the consignor gets cash from the sale, and the consignment shop takes a cut of the sale to pay for overhead. Everybody wins.

Consignment sale events are similar. However, these are pop-up events that go on over several days, with the consignors themselves setting the prices. By taking place just a few times a year in large, warehouse-like spaces, these sales are packed with deals! I’m not just talking about clothing. You’ll find toys, bedding, games, strollers, furniture, and sports equipment. You name it, and you can probably find it gently used for a fraction of the price.

With hundreds or sometimes thousands of families consigning their stuff, these sale events have rows of racks in each clothing size you’re looking for, and often ten of each item on your list to choose from! By taking a few minutes to compare, you can pick the lower priced or best condition of the clothing and shoe brands you like, or the types of toys and gear you need. Additionally, most consignment events screen accepted items for recalls and quality (no holes or stains).

Another perk to these consignment events is you can sell your own gently-used stuff with them! With a little time spent on prepping your items and for a small consignor fee, you set the price, tag, and drop off your stuff to be included in the racks and shelves at the next sale. Consignors also usually get to shop earlier than the public, making those good deals even better!

images courtesy of Pass It On, SuperKids and JBF consignment sales
images courtesy of Pass It On, SuperKids and JBF consignment sales

Tips for Shopping at Portland Consignment Sale Events

Shop Early for the Best Selection (and Deals)

The sooner you can get to opening day, the better. There are plenty of consignors that are simply trying to declutter and have priced their items accordingly. While consignment events are open to the general public for free, many offer pre-sale tickets for a small fee. This allows you to get the first look at everything and take your time without the larger crowds. 

The Big Stuff Tends to Go First

Assuming items are priced to sell (and most are), bigger items like strollers, bikes, or large playhouses often sell quickly. If there is something in particular on your wishlist, plan accordingly.

Look for Early Access “Specials”

Most consignment events have free early access times for designated groups. These include first-time parents, military veterans, teachers, and foster parents, among others. Check your specific sale to see if you can request free early access.

Consignment Events are Especially Great for Expecting Parents

I had no idea consignment sale events existed until I had my first baby. As someone who gladly stocked my daughter’s closet with secondhand clothing, finding these events was like a gold mine. I found baby carriers that were barely used, brand-name clothing with the store tags still on them, tons of bottles, cloth diapers in great condition, and more.

What I especially loved (when I was expecting my second baby) was the maternity and nursing sections. Just FINDING maternity and nursing wear is next to impossible (unless it’s online). And the cost of buying that stuff new is pretty crazy, especially since you’re only wearing it for a limited amount of time. As someone that also searched for secondhand maternity and nursing wear online, these consignment sale events CAN NOT be beaten.

Look for Clothing Bundles

Sometimes consignors will put multiple pieces together for a single price. For example multiple pairs of leggings, three onesies together, or a top and bottom set. These are often priced to sell.

There Will Likely Be Lines

As mentioned multiple times throughout this article, you can find some great discounts on quality items for kids of all ages. Naturally, that makes these consignment events quite popular. If you are heading out on general public sale dates, especially those over the weekend, plan to wait in line. It usually moves fairly quick, but do plan on standing/waiting for an extended amount of time.

Don’t Forget Discount Days

Most of these sales have at least one (but sometimes two) discount days. In an effort to sell as much as possible, many items have an additional 50% discount on the last day of the sale.

Shop for Now and for Later

In addition to shopping for my kids’ current sizes, I also look at the next size or two up when I head to a consignment sale event. This accommodates for growth spurts and the fact that they will eventually fit them at some point anyway. Depending on the time of year, I also keep an eye out for potential birthday or holiday gifts.

Consignment Sale Events Around Portland

Ready to shop and/or consign? Get more info about the upcoming children’s and maternity consignment events around the Portland Metro area right here:

September 29 – October 2 & December 1 – 4

October 13 – 17

Merry Go Round Children’s Resale {VANCOUVER}
October 26 – 29

Just Between Friends {VANCOUVER} TBD

ThriftMouse Children’s Consignment Sale {HILLSBORO} TBD


Which of these sales do you like best and why? Did we miss a local children’s and maternity consignment event? Please leave a comment below with your favorite and what you like about them or give a shout-out to other local sale events!


  1. I just consigned with Pass It On at their Back to School sale. Great experience. I made $950 selling my items and also bought clothes and shoes for my kids. Now I’m rounding up toys to take to the winter/holiday sale. Gotta make space for the toys I know I’ll buy at Pass It On to save for Christmas.

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