Heidi moved to Portland in 2005 from sunny Southern California. Heidi entered into motherhood with the birth of her daughter, Maia, almost 2 years ago. Her and her husband are expecting their second little one this summer and looking forward to growing their family. Motherhood continually provides Heidi a chance to practice her yoga off the mat and learn the power of presence amidst both the joyous dance parties and the never-ending dishes and diapers. Heidi works part-time as a labor and delivery nurse and is passionate about volunteering and working to create positive change in our community and abroad.
small blooms of spring flowers against blue sky

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Engaging Locally & at Home

My toddler’s cheeks are so kissable. I can barely contain myself from covering them in kisses. Recently, her own little voice is developing. While she is full of sweetness, occasionally her reply is, “No mommy. No more kisses.”...
Mom and Baby hands

Six Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Home Birth

Birth evokes varied emotions, opinions and expectations. Whether it's medicated or cesarean at the hospital, with a doula, at a birthing center, or at home, choosing where to birth is one piece along the...
Body Positive

Practicing A Body Positive Mindset: Learning to See Myself as My Kids Do

The other night, I was rocking and singing to my two-year-old daughter. As we snuggled, she noticed my shirt was slightly lifted. She felt the skin of my stomach with her tiny hands. Tickled,...
Clean Home

A Clean Home Makes a Calm Mom: Clean Arrival Review

What helps your day to day life run smoother? How do you balance the extra work often added to the role of mother? As we begin a new year, I have been reflecting on...
fall Gratitude Tree

Cultivating Gratitude by Creating a Family Gratitude Tree

What values do you yearn to cultivate in your children? What practices do you hope to see them living out in their own way as they grow? Motherhood continually teaches me in this area....
Teal Pumpkin

The Teal Pumpkin Project: Offering More Than Just Candy This Halloween

Becoming a mother has changed the way we celebrate holidays. We now have a two-year-old interested in trick-or-treating. Therefore, the idea of handing out mass amounts of sugary treats for Halloween sits a little...

Letting Go of Someday: Embracing Motherhood in the Moment

Motherhood is difficult. I thought it was hard with one child, and then we went and did it again. Baby number two just joined the family. We are only a month in as a...

Creating A Summer Go Bag

Spontaneous outdoor adventures often characterize sunny summer days with little ones. A toddler's mood may be unpredictable so being prepared for whatever pops up can make any outing more enjoyable! I’ve learned to keep...

Sand in the City: Exploring Natural Play in Portland

When you have a toddler, your summer exploration spots shift. While we may not be ready to hike Dog Mountain as a family, we are currently soaking up the amazing outdoor play areas in Portland. Many...

Choosing Rest in Motherhood

Lately I’ve been thinking about what it looks like to choose rest amidst the tasks of motherhood. While I’m sure most of us could opt for more physical rest, in what ways do we...