A Clean Home Makes a Calm Mom: Clean Arrival Review

PMB is delighted to have partnered with Clean Arrival to bring you this review. We think you'll love their service, and the 25% discount they are offering PMB readers (see below)!

What helps your day to day life run smoother? How do you balance the extra work often added to the role of mother? As we begin a new year, I have been reflecting on ways to reduce stress. For me, having a calm and clean environment at home keeps me feeling grounded. This year, I hope to spend less on things that bring additional clutter and spend more on experiences. 

However, the combination of a 2-year-old, a baby, and recently heading back to work leaves little time for the deep detailed cleaning that a professional service offers. Cue the Clean Arrival team coming to our house to work their magic. Returning to a freshly cleaned home was therapeutic. It lifted the load on my to do list, created more time for the things I enjoy, and made me feel calm to be in our space. 

Favorite Parts of a Home Cleaning

  • First of all, communication with the company was thorough, easy, and they provided several reminders about our appointment time. They’re online appointment system is awesome!
  • Their cleaning products left a welcoming natural smell without any harshness. 
  • They paid attention to detail deep cleaning the fridge and oven – which desperately needed attention.
  • My bathroom was spotless. Also, they scrubbed the Diaper Genie! 
  • Their team was friendly and capable. They asked where to begin the cleaning and were accommodating when I came home mid-cleaning to nap my littlest one.  

For Next Time 

  • They reminded me to thaw out the freezer. I’m a newbie to this. Thankfully, they worked around our items and the freezer still looked great. 

A deep clean of our home will be something we try to work into the budget. Special occasions, when hosting company or a big event might be the perfect time to invite others in to do the intensive cleaning. 

Get Creative

  • Perhaps this does not fit in your budget right now. Add it as a registry item if you are expecting a little one. People love to help in ways that are meaningful to you. 
  • Ask for this service for your birthday, Valentine’s or as a holiday treat. 
  • Gift a home cleaning to a neighbor, friend or co-worker that might be going through a transition, difficult time, or growth in their family. 

Therefore, I highly recommend Clean Arrival and the value that a good deep clean can bring. Certainly, not having to stare at the smudge prints on the window, crumbs on the floor, and postpartum hair that is overtaking our house is a relief. There are lots of ways to take care of ourselves as mothers. Sometimes enlisting the service of a company like Clean Arrival is just what we need.

***Clean Arrival is offering 25% off your cleaning to PMB readers! Just use promo code CLEANMOMS when you book your cleaning and watch your discount appear!***

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Heidi moved to Portland in 2005 from sunny Southern California. Heidi entered into motherhood with the birth of her daughter, Maia, almost 2 years ago. Her and her husband are expecting their second little one this summer and looking forward to growing their family. Motherhood continually provides Heidi a chance to practice her yoga off the mat and learn the power of presence amidst both the joyous dance parties and the never-ending dishes and diapers. Heidi works part-time as a labor and delivery nurse and is passionate about volunteering and working to create positive change in our community and abroad.