Creating A Summer Go Bag


Spontaneous outdoor adventures often characterize sunny summer days with little ones. A toddler’s mood may be unpredictable so being prepared for whatever pops up can make any outing more enjoyable! I’ve learned to keep a “go bag” packed and ready to go on whatever next adventure we might take. Being packed up and ready to go gives us more time to enjoy together as a family. And, ultimately that’s the goal.

Here’s what’s in our summer go bag for my toddler:

Summer Go Bag

The Basics for a Summer Go Bag

Start with the bag. I’m a bit of a bag-aholic so I’m always searching for the right fit for each setting. A big, easy to clean, wide-open bag with pockets makes packing and organizing a breeze. We also carry along a big park/beach blanket. My favorite is water resistant and folds up into an easy to carry tote.

For Sand & Water Play

All the elements for a successful splash or swim adventure are a must include for us. For us this means a swim diaper, rash guard, sun hat, water shoes, and sunglasses. I often throw in another shirt with SPF protection with our change of clothes. Including some sand toys and no spill bubbles is always a hit! 

The Clean Up

Add a wet bag to toss anything in that has gotten splashed, soaked or needs a wash. This has become another one of our essential additions for summer. A fresh towel, change of clothes, diapers and wipes help us avoid a car ride home soggy or sand covered.

For their Tummies

I sometimes think my little one likes adventures just for the snacks. We make sure to have a small cooler pack to keep the snacks cold. Freezing a food pouch ahead of time makes it nice and cold for when your toddler is ready to enjoy it. And of course a water bottle to keep you both hydrated.

Keep it Safe

I include a little clear pouch or Ziploc bag with our favorite, toddler-friendly sunscreen, hand sanitizer, bug spray, band aids, an ouchie stick, and an oil blend for cuts and scrapes. We often end up sharing our band aids with others and it’s a great way to help out and meet new friends.

What can’t you live without on your summer day adventures, and put in your summer go bag?