Practicing A Body Positive Mindset: Learning to See Myself as My Kids Do


The other night, I was rocking and singing to my two-year-old daughter. As we snuggled, she noticed my shirt was slightly lifted. She felt the skin of my stomach with her tiny hands. Tickled, as if she’d found a new discovery, she said, “Your tummy is showing mommy.” With further curiosity she inquired, “Can I see it?” Without hesitation, I lifted my shirt a little more and let her gaze at my squishy tummy in the dim light.

She proceeded to lay her head right down on the place she once grew. In the most innocent voice she whispered, “I love your tummy so much.” In that tender moment, it hit me. I felt overwhelming gratitude for this strong body. This body has grown, birthed and nursed two children. So then, why don’t I see my own body the way my sweet daughter does?

body positiveMany days involve sighs when I look in the mirror. Whether it is the dark circles under my eyes from being up with my baby, or the postpartum hair loss, something always catches my attention and calls for critique. Too often, negative self talk creeps in when my clothes don’t fit quite right or comparison rears its ugly head.

The thing is, I want to continue to learn to love my body, celebrate it and teach my children to do the same. Radical self-love and acceptance require intention and practice. I want these truths to sink in deep not only for myself but hopefully modeled for my children. I want us to build a body positive home. 

Body Positive Truths I am Soaking in This Season

  • Beauty is not a single image or certain standard
  • I choose how to define beauty
  • We are more than our bodies – value does not come from how we look
  • Judge your body on more than its appearance. My body is an instrument to create powerful change in this world

Here’s a couple different ways that I am working to make small shifts to keep a body positive mindset going this year. 

  • Choosing to follow social media accounts that are uplifting, show varied body types and spread healthy messages
  • Adding something I value about myself each night when I do my gratitude journal
  • Creating a mantra to repeat to realign my focus during the day
  • Doing a gratitude body scan before bed thanking my body for the work it does
  • Practicing positive self talk in front of my children and alongside them 

We give love and acceptance to our families with abundance. What would it look like if we viewed ourselves through the lens of the little people in our care? You are more than your body. You are perfect just as you are!