4 Ways to Create Confidence in Kids


I would love to see my children’s confidence grow as vast as can be. Confidence in who they are, who they want to become, a new talent that they would like to try. Confidence that they can do whatever they put their mind to. Confidence on the first day of school and throughout the entire year. So how does a parent do that?

Young girl plays with bubbles in a green coatCreate confidence from a young age

Confidence is built by what they know. Kids mostly start out in a state of humility. That isn’t a bad thing; humility is a great trait. Humility keeps the door open to learning unknown things. Show your child that it is OK to not know, and not to focus of the negative of unknowing. This just is a new opportunity to build confidence in a new skill, and as long as they keep trying, they are never failing.

Begin with a secure attachment

A child having a secure attachment will, in turn, help them develop healthy relationships. Human beings of all ages are at their happiest and most confidence when they are with their person. That attachment will help your child become more socially and emotionally confident as they age.

Confidence-building activities

Work by setting realistic goals, anything as simple as putting on their own coat or picking up their toys. Once they see that they can meet their goals, their confidence will grow and they will start to believe in themselves. Some ideas include:

  • Cook together (This option can be messy… heck ,it can be messy even without a kid involved!).
  • Do a scavenger hunt.
  • Push their limits, just slightly and safely! For young kids this could be something as simple as swimming lessons, learning to jump, pushing off of a skateboard. But, of course, use the proper safety gear and stay close by.
  • Have a dance party! Instant confidence booster right there, and it’s always a sure way to cheer anyone up.
  • Let them lead a walk, hike or bike ride. Just make sure you remember the way back!

Daily affirmations starting in the morning and ending at night

Set the [confidence] tone for the day by starting with a positive affirmation while you’re getting your little one up for the day. Pinterest is full of great ways to get ideas. Put them up by the changing table or on the closet door. And, before that goodnight kiss, spend just a few minutes ending the day by reflecting out the positives and gratitudes.

Remove self-limiting beliefs

Nip this one in the bud. Don’t even let your kid get themselves down with negative words likes “I can’t,” “too hard,” or “I give up.” Boost their confidence by altering these terms to reflect more positivity. Instead, show them that everything is hard before it is easy. Reassure them they are still learning, to keep trying, and they are on the right track. 

In the end, all you can do is to mindfully build their confidence as best you can. Hopefully, these tools bring you your own confidence in doing so!

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