New to the area as of March of 2021, Samantha is originally from a small town in the Colorado Mountains. Her husband took on a job in Troutdale, giving her the opportunity to be a SAHM to their two young children. Stryder is almost 2 and as wild as they come, and Aspen, who has only been earthside 2 months, but fills the world with bright smiles every day. Outdoor exploration is her number one goal, whether it be hiking, camping, snowboarding, snowshoeing or kayaking… as long as its outside, she’s happy! Watching her son blossom into an outdoor enthusiast just like her is something that life never prepared her for, in the best way possible. They are often out on a trail, at the park, or finding a unique local spot that has fun offerings for the littles. However, being a SAHM wasn’t cutting it, so she took it upon herself to explore as much as she could with this time at home with her kids. She started a virtual assisting business, is diving into the world of e-commerce and is taking her love of art to newer and bigger levels while experimenting with different mediums. Eventually she might end back up at a 9-5, but until then, she’ll be trying out life’s other opportunities!
A wooden bridges stretches out in a recreation area.

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8 Kid-Friendly Portland Fall Hikes

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