No School September


Back To School posts have been in full swing (and they are very adorable), but for some of us there is no “back to” – just ongoing learning in the daily life of home and community. And despite our lack of back-to-school clothes and new backpacks, our Septembers are pretty awesome. If you’re new to home learning here are some suggestions that can make yours pretty great, too! 

Photo by Isabella Fischer

Not Back To School Pics

Not Back To School Pictures are one fun way to kick off your September. Some people use grade levels, some don’t. Ours this year will have a chalkboard that looks like this:

  • My kids’ ages
  • Their current interests
  • Goals of what they want to explore this year (reading a series, taking karate, working on budgeting for a new item, visiting local museums, etc.)
  • What they think they might like to do as they get older (We don’t say “when you grow up” because home learning allows them to pursue interests much sooner than traditional graduation. I know one mom who’s son began flight lessons at 13!)

At the end of next Spring we will do another chalkboard photo to see what has changed or developed.

Child jumping in woodsFocus On The Season

Another thing we do is to focus on celebrating the new season. Autumn equinox marks a great time to explore global positioning, climate, animal migration, deciduous and evergreen trees, nature art, and to start planning trips at local farms over the fall season. And Oh. So. Much. Baking. We may be saying goodbye to hot days at pools and splash pads, but we’re ringing in the days of cooler hikes and pre-rain field trips (and in-rain trips after that!). You can use apps like AllTrails, google farms in your area, or look for homeschool groups on Facebook to get ideas for how to celebrate your September.

Home learning families have so much more to look forward to in September than mama’s PSL at Starbucks! So let’s get back…to fun! 

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Cheryl Quimba
Cheryl is a nearly 20 year Oregonian who grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia. She learned to turn down the sarcasm dial, hike in the rain, and keep an IV drip of coffee at all times, making the PNW deeply home. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Counseling and, in her pre-kid years, worked in substance abuse prevention, special needs tutoring, and as administrative support for the psychiatric care of at risk children. She and her husband, BJ, are two-time adoptive parents to Nora (8) and Evan (5). Together, they love discovering nature, mountains of library books, and endless hours of legos, art, and YouTube. A potent cocktail of pandemic school closure and a growing understanding of neurodivergent needs led Cheryl to educate their kids at home. She spends much of her time geeking out over resources for Child-Led Learning (Unschool, Self-Directed, Natural Learning -whatever your flavor!). Through NEST she has obtained certification in supporting individuals with the Pathological Demand Avoidance profile of the Autism Spectrum. She enjoys encouraging families in their journey as they seek to understand and love their children well. You can find her at, where she educates and supports in areas of OCD, PDA, Unschooling, and Open Adoption.