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This post is sponsored by the mom-developed app, Little Peanut On The Go. All opinions are my own.

Remember before you had kids when you and your spouse could just grab a wallet and head out the door for those holiday parties? Or when traveling meant only thinking about what YOU would need for that weekend away? Ah, those were the days. Then those blessed children joined our families, and suddenly the planning involved with leaving the house for a few hours–not to mention a few days–sometimes makes you want to never leave. But that’s not good for anyone. 

LPOTG Vertical Logo - for screen RGBWe could all use a way to make going somewhere–be it with or without kids–easier to plan. Readers, listen up, because I have found our solution and it’s an absolute lifesaver (not to mention paper saver). I am so excited to tell you about Little Peanut On The Go!

Little Peanut on the Go is a mobile app to help you stay organized and connected when you, your children, or your whole family is away from home.  You can build packing lists and to-do lists, create care schedules to share with caregivers, and connect with your children while they’re away. 

Why do I think this app is so great? Because in my almost five years as a parent I have…

  • traveled overnight with my kids at least six times
  • been away from my own kids overnight at least six times
  • gone out for an evening without kids countless times, leaving them both with different paid sitters and family members

Not surprisingly, the worst part of these opportunities is the planning, the list making, and the schedule keeping. But now, whether I need a sitter or a suitcase, I am using Little Peanut on the Go to stay organized and connected.

babysitter app Little Peanut On The Go
Ditch the lists!

I love that I can replace all the notes on the counter and lists on the fridge with this app. Caregivers will have everything they need to provide excellent childcare, including emergency contacts, medical information, care schedules, and instructions. Sharing my plans with a caregiver does require a small in-app purchase (the app itself is free to download), but is SO worth the price of a small cup of coffee to have this convenience over and over again, because I can reuse my packing lists and schedule notes!

LPOTG-PostsThe app can be used for any occasion – a date night, a couples getaway, a family vacation, the work week with a nanny, kids time at the grandparents, etc. Your upcoming holiday travel or parties would be the perfect time to give Little Peanut on the Go a try. 

The app was created by Karla–a fellow mom, former software product manager, and current entrepreneur who thought there should be a better way to stay organized for outings and travels. 

“I couldn’t find one, so I decided to make one!  My favorite thing about the app is that I don’t have to write anything down anymore.  I’ve had three new sitters in the last few months and I haven’t written a thing – everything is in the app – I just add the new sitter to the app, share a plan with them, and they have everything they need to take care of my son.”   

And, allow me to brag on this mom-owned business owner a little bit: Little Peanut On The Go was the only female developed finalist in the MobDemo app competition AND was voted as the most viable app. Karla won the top prize for development!   

I’m so thankful to have found this app–and I know you will be too! Give it a try and share it with a sitter AND with all your on the go mama friends.

Bonus Giveaway!

Head over to the Little Peanut On the Go Facebook page and enter on their recent post by Friday morning to win a free T-shirt!

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