The Power of a Post and a Plank

A few months ago my daughter was diagnosed with serious scoliosis, and just like most things in my life, I shared it on social media. Many people only share the highlight reel, or do the opposite and share just the terrible things daily. I prefer to post both on social media as authentically as I can. Why? Because I’ve found that in sharing vulnerably and authentically you never know who’s life can be changed, including yours. There is incredible power in one, simple post. Posting on social media doesn’t take the place of real conversation and in-person relationships, but it can boost those relationships or start a new one that you desperately need. 
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So what does a plank have to do with it? Well, we are two months in to a really intense treatment for our daughter that requires over two hours of therapy each day. She also wears a brace for 21 hours a day. It’s incredibly hard, but she is crushing it.
I could sense that we all needed a boost, a little encouragement and community to endure this therapy because it feels hard and gritty. So I put up a post inviting my social media friends to join us on a 30-Day Plank Challenge. I thought this could encourage my daughter in that small part of her therapy.
You know what happened after a few posts of inviting others to join us? A flood of friends and family joined in. We all plank with a purpose to cheer my daughter on. The heartfelt words, videos, pictures, and support we have received through the vulnerability act of sharing our struggle and scoliosis journey, and inviting others in to walk it with us has been like a giant hug. It’s a way that God has tangibly shown up through community and other people. This shows my daughter that we never walk this life alone. If we simply share and ask others to walk with us, often times they will. 
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I know this planking thing is just a 30-Day challenge, but it’s so much more significant to us than that. We’re only a couple of weeks into our challenge, but I can tell you that it’s making a lifetime of difference because of what it’s done on a heart level for us. 
Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and authentic. Engage with others and invite others to engage with you. We are all on a journey in life and I assure you it’s so much better together. Never underestimate the power a post on social media or the power of a plank challenge can make. It may just be the catalyst to a new lifelong friendship, or a boost that someone needs to make it through their day. 
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Jody grew up in a small town in Central Oregon, graduated from Oregon State University, traveled to Africa for three months and, upon returning, moved to Montana to be near her then fiancé. They lived in Bozeman, Montana for nine years working on the Montana State campus in full-time ministry. They now have lived in SE Portland for nearly eight years and work part-time with the same faith-based non-profit. She is also now a business owner and helps others find health and happiness through Plexus. She has been married for 16 years and they have two beautiful kids. Their 11 year-old daughter is a miracle biological child after years of infertility, and their son 7 is a miracle child through the gift of adoption. Jody loves living in beautiful Portland where flowers are always in bloom and there is always an adventure around the corner to be had. She loves Jesus, coffee, a good book, deep conversation with people she loves, being intentional to love those around her, hosting events in their backyard, sausage, beer, traveling, and being a wife and mom. The beach is her happy place. She also blogs occasionally at about motherhood and ministry.