Jody grew up in a small town in Central Oregon, graduated from Oregon State University, traveled to Africa for three months and, upon returning, moved to Montana to be near her then fiancé. They lived in Bozeman, Montana for nine years working on the Montana State campus in full-time ministry. They now have lived in SE Portland for nearly eight years and work part-time with the same faith-based non-profit. She is also now a business owner and helps others find health and happiness through Plexus. She has been married for 16 years and they have two beautiful kids. Their 11 year-old daughter is a miracle biological child after years of infertility, and their son 7 is a miracle child through the gift of adoption. Jody loves living in beautiful Portland where flowers are always in bloom and there is always an adventure around the corner to be had. She loves Jesus, coffee, a good book, deep conversation with people she loves, being intentional to love those around her, hosting events in their backyard, sausage, beer, traveling, and being a wife and mom. The beach is her happy place. She also blogs occasionally at about motherhood and ministry.
Child in front of pumpkins dressed in orange and black with a jackolantern bucket for Halloween in October

October Events for Portland Families

It is officially fall. Pumpkin spice lattes have been in full swing for a month and it's time for us to tote our little darlings through the mud for pumpkins. There are lots of...
A group of four middle school girls laughing on the lawn in front of a school bus

A Letter to My 6th Grade Daughter

  My Dearest Sweet Pea,    I’m thankful you still let me call you that. I’m not sure if one day you’ll resist, but for today we still embrace it. You are about to enter sixth grade....
Pink birthday cake on stand

Making the Perfect Birthday Cake

Birthday’s are a BIG deal in our house! As moms, we love and adore our kids and want to make their big day as special as they are. We could write a dozen blog posts...
Coffee Shop

9 Family-Friendly Portland Cafes

The seasons have changed and the rain has set in. When that happens it’s always nice to have a tried and true kid-friendly coffee shop in PDX to venture out to. Sometimes mom just...

The Power of a Post and a Plank

A few months ago my daughter was diagnosed with serious scoliosis, and just like most things in my life, I shared it on social media. Many people only share the highlight reel, or do...

The Day My Daughter Was Diagnosed

I wouldn’t have made the appointment for my daughter's well-child check except that I knew she was due for vaccinations. I went in with ease and confidence because this has been our healthiest year...

Five Reasons We Airbnb Our Home

Thinking about strangers staying in your home or sleeping in your bed are always the top objections friends share when I tell them we rent out our home occasionally on home rental sites like Airbnb,...

Five Great Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy

We love Halloween at our house. The kids are adorable in their costumes, neighbors open their doors to one another, and the kids come home with treats that we wouldn’t normally buy. I like...
southeast portland

Choosing a Portland Neighborhood: A Moms’ Guide to Southeast

Before moving to Portland we did lots of research, toured around, and finally landed in what we think is the best part of Portland, inner Southeast Portland. Inner SE has twenty different neighborhoods that all...

8 Tips for a Fun Family RV Adventure

This spring our family took a trip we'd been dreaming of for a long time; we rented a motorhome and drove across multiple states for what we hoped would be an epic RV adventure....