The Badge of Busy


Fall is here! With kids back in school we think we will have so much time, but in reality our world become much more busy. Sure the kids are gone all day, but enter in the EXTRA-CURRICULAR activities! Yup, this is the reintroduction of being a parent/chauffeur/volunteer. We’ve got sports, PTA/PTO meetings, scouts, school dances, and all of a sudden, everyone is having a birthday – so birthday parties. And don’t forget about homework, packing lunches, and getting them to bed on time, and out the door in the morning, praying they don’t miss the bus!


If you feel busy, you aren’t alone.

Busy is the new answer to the question, “How are you?” The answer used to be, “Fine,” and although it was likely a lie, it was less stressful than telling the truth.

These days “busyness” seems not only seems to be the norm, but the actual goal. She/he who performs the most tasks wins! So many of us wear “busy” as a badge of honor. We are proud to show how many balls we are juggling because in this age of comparison and social media, it’s important to be able to do all the things and do them all well.

Or is it?

Have you ever considered the consequences of perpetual busyness? Have you ever thought it might be a story you created for yourself on purpose?

Ouch…Yeah, I go for the gut.

First, let’s take a look at what “type” of busyness you fall into.

Your Brand of Busy: How do you respond to the question “How are you?”

  1. If it’s “Busy!” followed by a huge exhale, wide eyes, and head shaking, you’re probably exhausted and fed up with life being so full.
    Your persona is: Exhausted Emily.
  2. You respond, “Oh, just busy, busy, busy!” with a frantic smile, and a crazed, over-caffeinated look in your eye, you like the busyness. It gives you a charge. But, if you were to stop or heaven forbid, sit down, you’d fall asleep dead in your tracks.
    Your persona is: Frantic Felicia.
  3. If your answer is “Sooo busy, but that’s a good problem to have…right?” with a puzzled look as if you are not sure exactly what to make of this in your life. You’re just doing all the things to keep up with the other moms, your colleagues, or the culture that you most want to belong.
    Your persona is: Confused Christie.

Seem like you may be a bit of all three? Then we’ve got some work to do.

The culture of busyness comes from the belief that Achievement = Success. What do you think being “busy” means about you?

Does it mean you are:

  • A good parent?
  • Productive?
  • Superhuman?

How about NOT being “busy?” What does that say about who you are?

  • A bad parent?
  • Unproductive?
  • Lazy?

What did you learn from your answers? My question to you is what are you trying to prove? And to whom? And is it worth it?

Now, I know some of you are thinking, “I don’t try to busy, it’s just a fact of life!” Many believe it just happens. You don’t have control over it. But you DO.

Busyness becomes your STORY. And your STORY is so true to you that you don’t even see there is another way. You don’t see that you may be creating it on purpose! Think about it. REALLY think about it.

What do you blame for your overwhelm and exhaustion? You blame the STUFF. You blame the job, the kids, the partner, the weather, the lack of sleep and coffee….the list goes on and on.

When, really, you are the only one to blame.

Rather, your THOUGHTS are the only one to blame, because busyness is a CHOICE.

Now that I’ve got you really triggered, I want you to be VERY honest with yourself and reread this article. YOU can live of life that isn’t consumed by all the stuff that has to get done. All you have to do is decide to let go of your STORY of busy.