Selena Maestas is healing hearts worldwide as the founder of the Love YOU More Project. An insightful life coach, she has helped hundreds of people over the last 12 years to heal the most important relationship: the one with themselves. Selena has a strong background in psychology which gives her an inquisitive lens and a library of experience towards effectively guiding people to make change in all areas of life. She has focused her work to help working women strengthen their confidence and proudly claim their space in the world. How? By teaching them how to get out of their own way!

5 Ways to Teach Perspective and Gratitude

I'd love to say that I'm the parent that teaches my kids gratitude all year long. I mean, we talk about it a bit. They aren't heathens! However, gratitude seems to come to the forefront of...

No One MAKES Us Feel Bad

“Mom, Max made me feel bad!” Nope. No he didn’t. In fact it’s impossible. No one can make you feel bad. This is a concept that is not only foreign to our children, but absolutely foreign...

The Badge of Busy

Fall is here! With kids back in school we think we will have so much time, but in reality our world become much more busy. Sure the kids are gone all day, but enter...

To Play or Perform?

Do you ever struggle with an internal battle between the pressure to take time to play and not 'wasting' time so you can perform? Oh, the mind! It's such a brat sometimes. It wants you to...

Teaching Kids How to Fail

My oldest turned twelve in February. As you can imagine, we are getting into the stage of childhood that rivals any Marvel movie battle. I am just a mom trying to help, and he...

Sanity Saver: Decide Ahead of Time

I don’t think there is a mom out there who feels there is ever enough time in a day to get all (or sometimes any) of the things done. We are bombarded with feeling...
busy moms

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Doing Nothing

I hear it all the time from my busy mom friends and clients, “I wish I could...Just do nothing...Take a break...Rest...Push off all my responsibilities to someone else...Run away.” That last one sounds amazing,...
family Holiday

Making It Through the Family… I Mean, the Holidays

Welcome to the, holidays! Does this holiday scenario sound familiar to you? You go home to open arms. No criticism. Everyone agrees. There’s no place you’d rather be!OR, you try to avoid your...

Surviving the Season with Self-Care

Halloween is over and we are officially into the holiday season! This means your life is more chaotic than usual, your caffeine consumption (mostly of pumpkin spice lattes) triples, your self-care goes out the window,...
respectful men

Boy Mom Talk: Raising Respectful Men

My boys are my greatest achievements and my deepest work. Parenting is a challenge, no matter the gender, and I have been thoroughly exhausted on multiple occasions from the high energy and constant fighting between...