My Favorite Mother’s Day Adventures Around Portland


It’s almost Mother’s Day and you know what that means? It is the one day we moms can request anything we want. Of course it’s also a day we celebrate our own mom and express much thanks for all she put up with and probably still does. 

Now that I’m a mom, it is fun to get spoiled a little, so when my husband asks me what I want to do for the day I have no problem suggesting things different than the mundane. Like going for a long drive to a hiking spot, eating someplace new, stopping for coffee or tea or both, and then dessert. Sometimes we start with a plan, other times it’s just spontaneous. I still enjoy random last-minute adventures, and since those are fewer and further apart as a mom, let’s be honest, just a day off from cooking is a mini vacation.

Mother's Day

Here are five things I have enjoyed on past Mother’s Days, and I hope you will too:

  1. Farmer’s Markets

    I am a sucker for a good farmers market. I would like to say that I shop them weekly to buy our produce, but they are really more like a treat for me. I love to wander around and buy fresh in-season produce, maybe some goat cheese and a handmade pair of earrings. Random, I know, but this is why I enjoy them so much. I haven’t been to the Hillsdale Farmers Market yet, but it starts in May on Sundays, and I hope to visit this summer. Milwaukie Sunday Farmers Market and Portland Saturday Market are a couple more favorites and make for a good option on Mother’s Day because they are open on the weekend. Portland Saturday Market isn’t really a farmers market, but they have many amazing and unique things to look at, good food, and of course the waterfront!

  2. Hiking

    Another family activity that I enjoy is a short hike. Both Silver Falls and Multnomah Falls are nice for little kids because you don’t have to hike far to see the falls or get some great pictures (which is always important to me). Multnomah Falls also offers brunch on Sunday, but be sure and call for reservations if you are planning on that. For another short list of good family hikes, check out this.

  3. Sauvie Island

    A few years ago for Mother’s Day we drove out to the Blue Heron Herbary on Sauvie Island. They have a cute little nursery and gift shop along with several varieties of lavender plants and herbs, loose leaf tea, and a beautiful pond for more picture moments. There are many other farms and places to check out on the island, so we will definitely be back to do some more exploring.

    Mother's Day

  4. The Oregon Garden 

    This is another beautiful place to admire landscape and flowers. Grab a cup of coffee and just stroll through The Oregon Garden. We haven’t been in a long time, and this will probably be my #1 request this year. They are offering a Mother’s Day brunch (call for reservations) at the resort, but there are also plenty of good choices to eat in Silverton, as well as cute little shops to browse through. 

  5. Tea Houses

    Townshend Tea is my favorite tea house to visit when I have “Portland day.” They have three locations, but I’ve only been to the one on Alberta Street. When we go as a family we like to check out the little stores on Alberta, and find an interesting place to eat. This doesn’t happen often since we aren’t really city people, but it’s fun every once in awhile. 

My husband and son are great at going along with my out-of-the-ordinary adventures, and that’s what makes Mother’s Day special for me. It does require a little bit of sacrifice on their part, but this is how memories are made! 

No matter what we do or where we go, I am so grateful to have the title “mom,” and to celebrate the gift of motherhood on Mother’s Day. It really doesn’t take much to make the day better. 

What are some of your favorite places to go for adventures on Mother’s Day? 

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Chelsea and her family live in a small town east of Portland. Recently they moved to a little piece of land surrounded by tall fir trees where they enjoy the solitude of the country. She has been married to her best friend for 17 years and they have been blessed with a son through adoption. Chelsea owns a small leather business that she runs from home. She spends a lot of time in the kitchen trying new recipes and cooking. She enjoys planting a garden more than harvesting it, hiking, camping and hunting with her husband. Coffee, tea, heartfelt conversations and chocolate are a few more favorites and if they can be combined, even better!