Halloween at Home


Halloween CookiesWhen my husband was growing up, his mom always made pumpkin cookies for Halloween. He vividly remembers the bright orange frosting on the cut-out cookies and gently placing candy corns for the eyes and nose. No matter if it was cold or rainy or what costume he wore that season, a plate full of mom’s frosted, sugary pumpkin cookies were on the table for the evening. Halloween 2020 is going to be like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. Instead of mourning all that is different, consider creating a Halloween with new traditions that will truly be one for the record books!

Boo Baskets

Deliver special boo baskets to neighbors and friends filled with fun Halloween treats. If there is a concern for safety, a recipient can leave the basket untouched for several days.

Candy Scavenger Hunt

Break out the easter eggs, get some glow sticks and send the kids on an epic indoor candy scavenger hunt!

Room to Room Trick or Treat

We always dress up with our kids for Halloween, so we have accrued a collection of our own costumes. This year we are planning on dragging them all out and doing quick costume changes while the kids trick or treat from room to room.  

Outdoor Pumpkin Carving with Friends

Pumpkin decorating with family and friends is still a safe activity. Setup outdoor tables and pumpkin carving stations for different families to gather in the backyard.Pumpkin Painting

Spooky Piñata

A flying bat, a spooky ghost or a witch on a broom – take out all your 2020 aggressions on a piñata filled with candy.

Indoor Haunted House

Use all your senses to create a spooky or silly indoor haunted house experience. Spaghetti made into brains or string hung from the ceiling to create a spider web. Freak yourself and your kids out by creating your own spooky environment.

Kids Carnival

I love a good carnival and the fall festival was always my favorite growing up. Complete with cake walk and bobbing for apples. Create a mini-version of this tradition for your own family.

Movie Night

With October 31st being on a weekend this year, there’s no better time to stay up late watching Halloween movies with a big bowl of popcorn.

Halloween Gingerbread HouseFall festivities may look a little different this year and certainly not what we expected. Now is the time to make Halloween more about creativity, family fun and adventure instead of candy and trick or treating. Whether you choose to make special cookies or build your own haunted house, this is an opportunity to create something so fun, unique and different that you may experience the most memorable Halloween ever.