Start Your Summer with Hoffman Academy Piano Lessons

Portland Moms Blog partnered with Hoffman Academy to bring you the information in this sponsored post. We think you'll love their online (or offline!) piano programs and the special summer discount!

Some piano teachers take the summer off. Not Mr. Hoffman! Summer vacation is the perfect time to start piano lessons with Hoffman Academy. Here are five reasons to jump right in:

Hoffman Academy

Relaxed Summer Schedules

Everyone looks forward to a break from school and the hours of freedom that brings. A relaxed schedule means there’s time to try new things. Did you know that by devoting only twenty to thirty minutes of that spare time every day to learning the piano with Hoffman Academy, kids can make an amazing amount of progress in only two or three months?

Everything you need to get started with piano is on the easy-to-use Hoffman Academy website:

  • Online video lessons
  • Downloadable sheet music and activity pages
  • Listening tracks to accelerate music learning
  • Accompaniment tracks to make practice more fun and effective
  • Daily practice instructions
  • Learning games that teach essential music skills

Mommy, I’m Bored

Okay, that first lazy week of summer vacation is always great, but day after day of not much to do gets old really fast. Why not make Hoffman Academy part of your summer day? Video lessons are fun and engaging, and practice sessions include games and other activities. Kids love using electronics, and with Hoffman Academy you know they’re getting something valuable out of their time with the screen.

Summer Learning Is Essential

While a change of pace is important, kids still need to keep learning and developing over the summer months. Learning music helps kids’ (and adults!) brains develop in all sorts of ways. Summer may be a break from school, but the childhood years are a precious time to build skills that last a lifetime. Keep your kids learning and make the most of summer time with Hoffman Academy piano lessons.

Going on Vacation? Take Your Teacher Along

The most exciting thing about summer piano lessons with Hoffman Academy is that you don’t have to worry about scheduling anything. In fact, your teacher will come with you even if you go on vacation. Anywhere you can get the internet, you can keep learning with Hoffman Academy. Don’t have a piano where you’re going? No problem. You can watch lessons, do activities, play online learning games, and even play “air piano” while singing along to keep your skills sharp until you can get back to a keyboard.

Summer Sale on Hoffman Academy Premium

Right now is the best time to start piano lessons with the summer sale on Hoffman Academy Premium membership. From now until June 30th, you can get a full year of Hoffman Academy Premium for only $119. That’s $30 off the regular price of $149. Hoffman Academy lessons are just as effective – if not more so – than traditional private piano lessons, and they’re only a fraction of the cost. Better yet, Hoffman Academy lessons happen when you want them, at your pace, on your schedule!

Visit the Hoffman Academy store and use coupon code SUMMER2017 at check-out to get one full year of piano lessons for only $119.

If you’re looking for one-on-one instruction, we’ve got you covered. Hoffman Academy’s brick and mortar location in Cedar Mill continues live lessons throughout the summer and registration is open. Stop by and you might even meet Mr. Hoffman! The Academy serves over 300 families and offers piano, guitar, and voice lessons. All teachers are highly trained and use the same method that Mr. Hoffman developed for the videos. Plus, students get the added benefits of regular performance opportunities and special musical events during the school year (ask about Come Together Week!).