Dancing with a Star: A Visit with Cinderella

PMB is delighted to have partnered with Regal Characters, to bring you the content in this post. We loved our visit with Cinderella and think our readers would, too!
“Mom,” says my four-year-old son, Kyle, as he holds out a dollhouse figurine with a sparkly gown. “This one looks just like Cinderella.” He pauses, looks wistfully at the doll for a moment, then looks up at me, “When do I get to see her again?” 
To say Kyle has had stars in his eyes ever since his visit with Cinderella is an understatement. 
That said, when Regal Characters – a Portland-based character company – contacted Portland Moms Blog to ask if we could arrange for a few lucky kiddos to meet Cinderella, I agreed with near-certainty that Kyle would not be all that into it. After I told him about the plan to spend a few minutes in person with a real! live! princess!, he looked at me quizzically and then went back to drawing without a word. To be expected, I thought. He’s not really into princesses.
But a few days later, as a handful of kiddos gathered to enjoy our 30-minute meet-and-greet session, I noticed Kyle excitedly peering out the front door. When a fully-decked-out, crowned princess came waltzing through, a look of wonder flashed across his face. He then scampered off to observe her (happily) from a distance. I expected his interest to stop there, and hoped Cinderella wasn’t offended by my son lurking in the corner.
Cinderella was not phased by the variety of responses to her presence. The preschool girls were in awe, and they immediately walked up to the princess who was now before them. Cinderella was warm, welcoming, and full of questions for the children. The girls answered them politely and showed Cinderella how to twirl dresses — just in case she didn’t know. Once Cinderella sat down, properly (as princesses do), she discussed some of the deeper responsibilities of princess-hood: being brave, kind, and considerate towards others. The girls listened intently, nodding in understanding.
Kyle, meanwhile, was inching closer. He was listening and watching with great interest. Cinderella began to teach everyone how to dance, and, to my surprise, Kyle walked forward and asked for a one-on-one lesson. What?!? Who is this kid? And before I knew what was happening, they were hand-in-hand, Cinderella twirling and giggling as Kyle spun in circles, practically bursting with joy.

Back down on their level, one of the kids asked for a hug. As Cinderella obliged, Kyle hovered, hopeful that he might be offered the same opportunity. This was the first time I have ever seen Kyle want – nay, request! – a hug from someone he had just met. There was truly something magical about Cinderella!

Regal Characters has far more magic to share beyond Cinderella; you can arrange visits with many of your favorite characters: Ariel, Moana, Spiderman… even Poppy! And in speaking to Cinderella, we learned that characters can do short visits like ours or extended sessions with arts and crafts, face painting, superhero training, and more. In fact, Cinderella explained that Regal Characters often takes the reins for an entire party – sometimes for several hours – freeing up parents to socialize elsewhere (that’s my kind of birthday party!).

Kyle’s birthday is still a few months away, but I think I might know what would make turning five super special for him. That is, if he can wait that long to see Cinderella again!

“Our heroes encourage the heroes in you.”

Regal Characters is a Portland-area character company that brings the magic to you. With an emphasis on teaching character values and promoting anti-bullying, Regal Characters provides entertainment from a selection of characters and in a variety of settings. From a simple meet-and-greet to an all-inclusive party package, Regal Characters will always bring wonder, delight, and magic! Learn more at www.regalcharacters.com.


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