Lee Ann

Lee Ann
Lee Ann moved to Portland in 2008 following an eight-year stint in Paris, France, where her eldest was born. Though she thought nowhere could compete with the City of Lights, the City of Roses immediately stole her heart. As a great place to raise kids, she loves getting out and exploring the city and the PNW with her husband and four young children. While in France, Lee Ann earned a B.A. in Journalism and a Master's in Linguistics at the American University of Paris and L'Universite de Paris - La Sorbonne, respectively, before returning stateside to become a Speech-Language Pathologist through the Portland State University graduate program. Throughout her studies, she kept one foot in the digital world, writing content for publications and creating websites for clients. After many years as a medical Speech Pathologist, she left to the field to continue freelance writing, become the owner of Portland Mom Collective (!), and to create a crafting/workshop space for PDX makers. She likes to spend whatever "me" time she can muster making soap, geocaching, jogging, sewing, and staring at the wall with no small humans talking to her. Get in touch by sending a note to leeann {at} portlandmomcollective {dot} com, or follow her on Instagram.
Kid with Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chickens: Prepare for Spring Chicks

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Meet and Greet Gianni DeCenzo

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Meet and Greet event with Booboo Stewart at Columbia Gorge Outlets August 13

Meet-and-Greet with Booboo Stewart Comes to the Columbia Gorge Outlets on Aug 13

I don't know about your kids, but mine keep streeeeeetching. Last week, after a full summer of wearing the same three pairs of shorts, my teenager put on some pants for a special occasion....
Family spars at Taekwondo

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