The 2019 Portland-Area Guide to Christmas Tree Farms

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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, where will we find you this year?

Ah, the holidays. A time for twinkling light displays, enthusiastic caroling, and copious amounts of eggnog. It’s literally the only time of year when someone can walk into your house, ask, “What’s that smell?” and the answer is *probably* a positive one. Yes, nothing beats the smell of a freashly cut Christmas tree in your home.

In the Portland-area, we’re a bit spoiled (but in a good way). With a quick road-trip in basically any direction, you’ll find a variety of Christmas Tree Farms.  Better still, most of them have more than a quality Tannenbaum. We’re talking animals, hot cocoa, or even… a visit from Santa himself.

So, why not pack up the family and play lumberjack for a day?

(P.S. Many farms offer pre-cut trees as well if lumberjacking isn’t really your jam.)

Tips for a Fun Christmas Tree Farm Experience

Make it a Family Affair

Sure, the kids will have a great time, but don’t forget about grandparents, aunts, uncles, any one with additional hands and strong back. The more help you have loading your tree (or at least someone to watch the kids while you load the tree), the better.

Call Ahead

When it comes to the agriculture side of things, trees are a whole different beast than say, a pumpkin. They have a much longer growing period and a year’s harvest is more impacted by the environment (like the weather, parasites, and so on).

If you’re looking for a particualr type of tree, call ahead. Nothing will put a damper on your holiday spirit like making your way out to the farm and returning empty-handed.

Because some years yield less than others, it’s possible your favorite farm could sell out of trees *gasps* BEFORE Christmas. Again, it’s best to call ahead.

Keep an Eye on the Kids

Many of these are working farms, which means there may be animals and heavy equipment present. Children need to be supervised. Make sure your kids are always being respectful of the farm and its occupants.

Layers and a Change of Clothes

Portland (and the surrounding area) can be cold and wet because… winter. Layers make it easier to keep everyone warm and a change of clothes comes in handy for the ride home if things get snowy/wet/muddy.

Prepare Your Tree for Travel

You’ve located the perfect Christmas tree for the family room. Now, you just have to get it home. Bring a layer (like a blanket or plastic sheet) to protect the top of your car from dents/scratches. Even with a roof rack, this might still be a good idea depending on the size of your tree and height of the rack.

Make sure to shake off your find. Be mindful, that you might find a living stowaway, but it’s better to find it before you get into your house.

Tie it down, tight. If your farm has some experienced hands offering extra help, take it! The last thing you want is for your tree to fall off on your way home circa Final Destination 2.

Good Luck and Happy Christmas Tree Hunting!

Image of Christmas tree with lights and ornaments shaped liked Christmas trees with a farm building in the background

To the North

Washougal River Christmas Trees

39336 NE Washougal River Rd (Washougal)
​(360) 837-3591

Fischer’s U-Cut Christmas Trees

37920 SE Gibson Rd (Washougal)
​(971) 237-6317

Thorntons’ Treeland

7617 NE 119th St (Vancouver)
(360) 573-8733

Sauvie Island Farms

19818 NW Sauvie Island Rd (Portland)
(503) 621-3988

To the East

4J’s Tree Farm

12862 SE 352nd Ave (Boring)
(503) 913-3819

JTB U-Cut Christmas Trees

18124 SE Richey Road (Gresham)
(503) 667-3315

Deep Creek Tree Farms

2330 NE Hogan Dr (Gresham)
(503) 637-6404

Green Ridge Christmas Tree Farm

3715 Browns Creek Road (The Dalles)
(541) 993-6063

Tracy’s Tree Farm

 21885 S Eaden Rd (Oregon City)
(503) 631-7320

Hamburg 4D Tree Farm

36731 SE Hauglum Rd (Sandy)
(503) 957-5530

Redland Family Farm

19400 S Redland Rd (Oregon City)
(503) 462-3636

To the South

Lee Farms

21975 SW 65th Ave (Tualatin)
(503) 638-1869

Sleighbells Farm & Gift Shop

23855 SW 195th Pl (Sherwood)
(503) 625-6052

Frog Pond Farm

2995 SW Advance Rd (Wilsonville)
(503) 475-5997

Santiam Canyon Christmas Tree Farm

17300 N Santiam Hwy SE (Stayton)

(503) 769-1839

To the West

Nelsen’s Yuletime Christmas Trees

7200 SW Trinity Place (Cornelius)
(503) 640-2160

Beaverton Holiday U-Cut Christmas Tree Farm

5365 SW 209th Ave (Beaverton)
(503) 649-9164

Loch Lolly Christmas Forest

28366 NW Dorland Rd (North Plains)
(503) 647-2619

Plumper Pumpkin Patch and Tree Farm

11435 NW Old Cornelius Pass Rd (Portland)
(503) 645-9561

Quail Creek Ranch Christmas Trees

9949 NW Kaiser Rd (Portland)
(503) 629-5464

Sunny Day Tree Farm

25100 SW Neill Rd (Sherwood)
(503) 628-1017

Helvetia Christmas Tree and Lavender Farm

12814 NW Bishop Rd (Hillsboro)
(503) 334-0905

Furrow Farm

25877 NW West Union Rd (Hillsboro)
(503) 647-5288

Christmas Mountain Choose and Cut

25470 NW Dixie Mountain Rd (Scappoose)
​(503) 621-3169

Did we miss your favorite Christmas Tree Farm?

Let us know, and we’ll add them to our list!

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