DIY Delivered to Your Door: A Round-up of Local Kits for Kids


There is something going on in my house that I can’t quite explain. The first week or two of the stay-at-home order I gave myself and my family a lot of grace and space to “settle in” to a new routine and rhythm, thinking we’d get the hang of it. But here we are, many weeks in, and the wheels. are. falling. off. 

Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but it sure does feel like it sometimes! Enter my current sanity saver: Kits from local businesses, including all of the materials needed for a project or experience from start to finish, delivered to your door or available for curb-side pick up. This really feels like a win-win-win situation in my family. I’m able to support some of my favorite local businesses, my kids have an exciting few hours of something new AND I get a break from planning/organizing/executing an afternoon once or twice a week. 

Here is a round-up of TEN local businesses offering some type of “kid kit” to help you out with some of those days (or hours) that feel like they might never end!

Delectable Baked Goods

cupcakes with sprinklesWe got the cupcake decorating kit and it was definitely a family favorite. My kids had so much fun with the frosting and different sprinkle options and I appreciated that there was ZERO kitchen clean-up! This bakery is offering a series of “Quarantine Sweets” pop-up menus, so your best bet is to follow on them Instagram for updates on what is available!

Mimosa Studios

Mimosa Studios is offering a To-Go Painting kit – you order the items you want to paint and they deliver those, along with the paint, brushes and instructions. When your done painting, they come pick it up and bring it to be fired at their studio!

Craft & Boogie

Another locally owned and operated company, Craft & Boogie, has pre-assembled craft kits perfect for any child, starting at age three! There is a monthly subscription option, a one time purchase option or a seasonal/holiday themed option. Each box comes with EVERYTHING you need for multiple craft projects, games and activities. These are perfect for surprising your own kiddos or sending to a family member or friend to brighten their day in a meaningful way. 


With three locations offering curbside pick up or delivery with a fast turn around, Collage is your local spot for all the art supplies you might need! From finger painting supplies to Sculpey clay to paper quilling materials, there are endless options to keep your littles busy! 

Carter & Roseclay kit at home

This clay kit was so much fun. It was delivered within just a couple of days and it came
with everything we needed to make multiple clay creations. Bonus: IG mini lessons from the owner AND it’s a multi-day project, one day to sculpt, another day to paint the creations with glaze … definitely a parenting WIN! 


Powell’s offers a kid subscription box called “BOOX” and with it comes a themed reading experience, including two hardcover books and related toys or activities. These are mailed out to subscribers every 8 weeks. 

My Masterpiece Art Studios

This local art studio is offering “take & make” kits for to get your art on at home. Each project comes with the materials needed for completion and there are many different types of project to chose from – you’re sure to find something for each artist in your house! Check out their website for more info on ordering and scheduled curbside pick-up days. 

Super Nature Adventures

Super Nature Adventures has two different themed projects available for purchase and download. One, called “Explore Your Own World” offers activities and crafts to get outside and explore your backyard (or local park). The second, called “Create Your World” uses STEAM activities to support your child in creating their own imaginary world with materials that are available around the house!

Tiny Learning Boxes 

This monthly subscription box is curated by a former elementary education teacher turned SAHM! Each box is filled with activities designed to engage all areas of development AND there is a toddler or preschooler option available. 

Little Otters Inc              

Little Otters, Inc is offering a monthly subscription box option and the best part is that they make every effort to curate it toward your kiddos current interested! Reach out to them via instagram for more information!   

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Katie is a recent East Coast transplant from Maine, where she was born and raised. While trying to figure out how to create the life they wanted to live, Katie’s husband, David, was presented with a job opportunity in Portland. They decided to go for it and moved across the country with their two young children. Katie has previously worked as an occupational therapist in an early childhood setting, but with the move was presented with the opportunity to stay home with her kids and she took it! It has been an adventure switching to life as a full time stay-at-home mom to her five-year-old daughter and three-year-old son. She spends her days exploring Portland’s playgrounds and coffee shops, looking for new vegetarian restaurants to check out, and trying to remember that slowing down is a good thing. Since arriving in Portland, she has begun making time for all of the things that have caught her interest over the years: yoga, cooking with local foods, experimenting with sustainable lifestyle choices, writing and getting outside in the always beautiful PNW.