Quarantine Parenting


About eight weeks ago, I was worried about surviving Spring Break – and this post was to be about my misadventures. Instead, it’s about our new world. This is quarantine parenting.

Like many of you, I had Spring Break travel plans. Then, COVID. At first, we were told school would resume after Spring Break. So, it just looked like an extra long break. Then, word that their next projection would be end of April for returning. Then the final blow: we will not be returning this school year, but will begin online learning.

So, here we are. How’s it going?

My kids are taking the isolation and quarantine life about as well as any of us could. Some days are hard, so we give grace. There is too much screen time. There is too much time in pajamas. I wonder if any of us will wear real pants again. Or shoes. One of my kids was in his underwear and when I asked him why he ditched his clothes, he said “I am having a spa day”.

I held my kids tight today. I held on a little longer than usual. So grateful to be their mom – even in close quarters and quarantine. Even though they’re eight years old and still walk in on me in the bathroom. Truly nothing is sacred. In a world where things are constantly changing, I guess there is comfort that some things do not. 

Mama, put on a fresh pair of sweats. Drink another cup of coffee (or one of those tasty whipped coffee things that I still haven’t figured out). Keep exercising. Keep singing. Keep writing. Keep trying. Keep loving. Keep showing up. 

I double dog dare you to drop the weight of the worries this new world has placed on your shoulders, and exchange it for an impromptu dance party in your living room with your kids. Even if they’re in their underwear. Even if your neighbors see. 

These moments, these days, these challenges – they are the future’s “good ole days”. Make the memories. 

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