Seven Local Mom-Approved & Kid-Friendly Bakeries


National Bakery Day was yesterday, September 14th! Didn’t know such a festive day existed? Neither did we, but we were delighted to discover yet another reason to shove our favorite sweet and savory baked goodies down our throats. To celebrate the momentous occasion of a new excuse to hit up the bakery, we asked our writers and other mom-friends to tell us their favorite kid-friendly bakeries in town, and here are their top 7 picks.

Kid-Friendly Bakeries

Baker & Spice – Hillsdale

A crowd favorite, Baker & Spice offers two experiences in one: The Bakery and The Cakery! Stop by the cafe for coffee and savory delights, or the make your way to the cake shop for cookies, macarons, and, well, cake. 

Slow Rise Bakehouse – Forest Grove

We had a few votes for this option further outside Portland, but worth the trek! Handmade, fermented breads and local grains are heavily featured in Slow Rise Bakehouse‘s menu, but the scones received rave reviews, as well. Open Wednesday – Saturday, so plan accordingly.

Toadstool Cupcakes – SE Portland

With 36 different flavors shaped into a cupcake that looks a lot like a toadstool, kids can have a blast picking out their favorite at Toadstool Cupcakes. From Key Lime Pie to S’mores, they have a wild selection worth checking out.

Delectable Baked Goods – Beaverton

Cookies from Delectable Baked Goods
Cookies from Delectable Baked Goods

Mom-owned Delectable Baked Goods was an undeniable top pick. With signature cakes, custom cookies, and a constantly updated list of featured items, this shop is worth a stop. We can also mention here: EDIBLE COOKIE DOUGH. Plus, the bakery has paired up with Fancy That Party + Gifts to provide some creative and fun party goodies in their retail space, which is pretty delightful, too.

Fleur de Lis – NE Portland

This artisanal French bakery offers a full-menu breakfast in addition to its baked goods, with an extended brunch on weekends. Fleur de Lis makes for a great pit-stop between kid-friendly haunts in the Hollywood district, with generous seating (including a patio in nice weather) and large, bright windows.

Decadent Creations – Hillsboro

Located in a charming, renovated house in downtown Hillsboro, Decadent Creations is a local favorite. In addition to their cakes, cookies, and pastries, they serve homemade drinking chocolate. Yum!

Oyatsupan Bakers – Beaverton

Bringing traditional Japanese baking to Beaverton, O YA TSU PAN is a combination of the words “OYATSU” meaning snack, and “PAN”, meaning bread or sweet roll in Japanese. Sample a matcha green tea cookie pan or a custard cream pan for a true delight. Oyatsupan also offers drive-through options during weekdays, for goodies on the go!

Note that we didn’t include any donut shops in our list, as Portland’s donut scene has a post of its own.

What other bakeries does your family like to visit? Include your recommendations in the comments!

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