An Open Letter to My Son’s Teacher on First School Project


The content of this post does not reflect my true opinion of my son’s school teacher. I absolutely adore and admire her. This post represents my own insecurities as a working mom attempting a school project at home with my son.

school project

Dear Maestra,

I want to start by telling you how much I love you. Really, I have been in your classroom and you couldn’t pay me to sit with 20+ rugrats while they pick their nose, throw paper airplanes, and require instructions to be repeated one-thousand-four-hundred-and-fifty-seven times. So, props to you. Seriously.

However, I have a few gripes and it all started with that school project you assigned…

  1. The Due Date: The due date of the school project CANNOT be the day after Mother’s Day. I don’t believe you hate me, but if you do, this was a good way to get my attention. Mother’s Day was barely about me in the first place, and that cool craft you worked on at school so my son could give me a Mother’s Day gift was awesome, but helping him with this project on Mother’s Day was the worst. Or, it would have been the worst except that…
  2. When was the due date? I originally thought the school project was two days after Mother’s Day because, obviously, why would you do that to me? Did you guys think I got the due date right? I didn’t. I missed the date by a day, but at least I had a decent Mother’s day.
  3. Was I supposed to do the Pinterest mom thing and help with this school project or was I supposed to take a backseat? I need some more clear communication about what’s expected because when I went on Pinterest and found examples of occupation projects, I started pulling out my yarn, color printer, and stencils to really knock your socks off. Except, I am not a Pinterest mom but I need to know if I am competing against other Pinterest moms. (Note: I apologize if I offended you Pinterest mom; keep doing what you do to make our school amazing).
  4. Umm, it was supposed to be in Spanish? I think it’s game over. I know I send my kid to a Spanish immersion school and I love that place, but me? I need to help him write this school project and then I have to help him translate it into Spanish? Thank goodness for Google Translate and random friends I could call for Spanish help.

But really, I love you. Thanks for all you do. I am sure you don’t hate me, but I have seen a quick snippet of the life of an elementary school mother and I want to cry. Would you happen to know of anyone I can pay to do these school project things for me in the future? I am a working mom so this kind of stuff is just not my cup of tea. I actually already went to elementary school and barely survived.

Thanks for all you do,