Nadia has worn many hats in her personal life and career: mom, matchmaker (professionally and personally), marketer, recruiter, teacher, daughter and sister to name a few. Her true passion is helping people by developing their personal and professional skills so they can be successful in their career. Motherhood has had a different plan for her as she navigates poopy diapers, colicky babies and messy houses. Now, she balances working as a recruiter/career counselor with her toddler son and baby girl.
Older adult hand reaching towards a baby in black and white photo

The Emotional Burden of Aging Parents

I am crying. It's not unusual. With the lack of sleep, my third (unexpected) pregnancy, and my mother berating me again, I am a ball of emotions. I feel the burden on my shoulders...
Group of presents wrapped in kraft paper, with ornaments and leaves around gifts

When We Don’t Celebrate Christmas

Last December, my son came home with stories full of wonder about a man named Santa, how he’s coming to our house and bringing us presents. He even talked about how we needed to...
Schoolwork in Quarantine

Parenting in Crisis

I am sobbing. I am not sure what’s come over me but I am crying to this kind, sweet third grade teacher who, much to her dismay, shared her personal cell phone number with...
postpartum haze

My Postpartum Haze

As I feel the ache between my legs and on my chest, I am overwhelmed by a sense of lower back pain that tends to start in the middle of the day. Climbing the...
school project

An Open Letter to My Son’s Teacher on First School Project

The content of this post does not reflect my true opinion of my son’s school teacher. I absolutely adore and admire her. This post represents my own insecurities as a working mom attempting a...

6 Ways to Raise Inclusive Children

I am the child of immigrant parents who wholeheartedly believed in the American dream. My parents came here for opportunities for themselves and their children and were embraced. Unfortunately, things feel different to me...
science projects

Let the Kids Do the Science Fair Project

Oh, how the pendulum has swung. I was part of the free-range generation. We ran around, almost always unsupervised. I came home to a house full of extended family who spoke little to no...

Dear Portland: I Can Barely Afford You…

Dear Portland, I can barely afford you. We may need to break up. Look, I love you. Like, you changed my life at 15 when I moved here with zero self esteem and no personality. I...

When I Feel So Angry

I felt like I was going to explode. I saw the frying pan on the stove and thought if I hit it against the wall, I could calm the rage I was feeling inside....

Bullying Is Everyone’s Problem

It happened. My son got in the car and said it, "the kids are mean to me." I could feel my insides burn with anger and sadness thinking of his feelings and the impact...