Why I Dress My Kids in Matching Outfits


I absolutely love to coordinate the clothes of my children, and on occasion include my husband and myself into the mix. Since summer is here and fun family trips and lots of photo opportunities are on the horizon, I thought I would share some of the reasons why I think it’s fun to dress my kids in matching outfits.

matching outfits

It brings me joy!

I started matching clothes years ago, after I gave birth to my second daughter. My love for matching outfits continued when we added to our family through foster care and adoption. Our family grew from 2 kids up to 7 children. We currently have six kids and are loving life!

matching outfits

It helps them bond as siblings

Everyone is included. Whether they are foster, adopted, or biological. If all of my daughters and sons are in matching outfits, you can’t tell which kids will stay or go.  When we got our two foster kids last year it was right before Easter. My new foster daughter just joined our three other girls who were already bonded as sisters. I still remember the look on our four-year-old foster daughter’s face when I opened the box of clothes that came in the mail. I pulled out the Easter dresses and coordinating shirts, one by one, and when she realized that she was getting one too she burst with excitement! It wasn’t us verses them. We were all celebrated together.

matching outfits

It gives us family identity

People know we belong together. Having kids of different races and similar in age can raise some eyebrows. I have lost track of how many times I’ve been asked, “are those all yours?” Well, when they are coordinated in their adorable outfits you know that yes, they are all mine. Unless you think I dress up the neighbor kids and take them shopping with me!

matching outfits

It makes shopping easier

I love a good deal. In fact, I love a fantastic deal. I shop online so when I am planning for new seasons, new sizes or special events I am able to find cute outfits and just purchase different sizes. I am lucky that my kids are close in age which means also being close in sizes. Now that we have a baby in our house I get extra giddy when I find brands that carry her size as well! If not, I coordinate her outfit with a similar color or one that pops out.

matching outfitsIt saves time picking out clothes.

No stressing about what each child is going to wear and whether or not it is fancy enough or casual enough or warm enough for the weather. We can just grab all the same dress and button up shirts. We can lay them out and know that they will all be set to go. No fighting over who got to wear a dress or a cute shirt that day.

matching outfits

It provides a form of Safety

When we are out at a park and I am counting kids on the swings and the slides I can find them when they are all in orange or bright green. In fact when we planned our trip to Disneyland I was super stressed about my husband and I being out numbered while navigating the crowd. But it was just another opportunity to find super cute matching clothes for the kids.

matching outfits

Realistically the kids will not always match. Sometimes I’ll dress them in a rainbow of colors or similar neon tops. They aren’t always exactly the same. But I enjoy planning their outfits just as much as they love dressing up, so for now I will continue to shop online and grab cute clothes that bring our family together. Coordinating their clothes is a little way that I can give them a sense of belonging and identity in our family. It also lets the world around us know that we belong together. Plus having kids in matching outfits is just too darn cute!


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