Carrie Dahlin is the author of a foster parenting memoir, What Led Me to You. She is also a columnist for Fostering Families Today magazine where she shares her heart through reflective articles. She has been married to her husband, who she has known since childhood, for over twelve years. Together they are parenting six children through birth, adoption and foster care. Their ages are 8, 6, 5, 5, 4, and under 1. You can find more about Carrie at
snow days

How to Survive Too Many Snow Days

With six kids ranging from one to nine-years-old in my house, a lot of snow days in Portland on the heels of winter break can be overwhelming. Here are seven ideas that have helped our...
mama fort

My Desperate Need for a Mama Fort

Looking around my house I really needed to find a place that could be all mine; a mama fort, of sorts. Something that would remind me of the woman I want to be, a spot...
Car Line

How to Survive the After-School Car Line

After spending a few years waiting in the car line to pick my kids up from school, I have learned a few tricks to help pass the time. Here are some of the fun things I...
pinterest moms

6 Truths About Pinterest Moms

'Pinterest moms' has become a phenomenon that can make people cringe no matter what you think on the matter. Pinterest is often referred to as an online magazine, where instead of making doggie ears...
summer guilt

Just Say No to Summer Guilt

How many of us head into the fall with summer guilt from all of the didn't-dos? We start our summer vacation making to-do lists that include projects we will catch up on, exercise schedules to keep, day...
family vacation

6 Tips That Allow Mom to Enjoy Family Vacation Too

Family vacations can be hard work, whether it is just for a weekend getaway or a long trip of fun activities. Packing, planning, and prepping can overwhelm any mother and cause her to dread the...

My Special Needs Daughter Is an Everyday Princess

My now six-year-old daughter came to me when she was just three-months-old through foster care, and later joined my family officially through adoption. I have spent the last six years building up my portfolio when...
matching outfits

Why I Dress My Kids in Matching Outfits

I absolutely love to coordinate the clothes of my children, and on occasion include my husband and myself into the mix. Since summer is here and fun family trips and lots of photo opportunities...
foster care

Opening Your Door and Your Heart to Foster Care

How many of us strive to live in the moment, hoping to parent in the present without worrying about the future? A big part of foster parenting is living in the moment. As much...
motherhood truths

Motherhood Truths from a Mom of Many

I first entered motherhood when my oldest daughter was born nine years ago. Fast forward to now and I have given birth to a second daughter, adopted three from foster care, and fostered five...