Assemble Your Girl Squad, Galentine’s Day Is Approaching


I’m going to let you in on a secret. Okay, it’s not really a secret. However, it is quickly becoming one of the most beloved holidays of the year. Oh and it’s all for the ladies. It’s Galentine’s Day on Feburary 13th!

What is Galentine’s Day? Please humor me while I personally channel Leslie Knope…ahem…

What’s Galentine’s Day? Oh it’s only the best day of the year.

Have you watched Parks and Rec? That’s basically a rhetorical question at this point. OF COURSE YOU HAVE!!!

Galentine's Day

Galentine’s Day is the once fictional brainchild of our beloved heroine, and is now definitely a thing you can (and should) celebrate in real life. Simply put, it’s a holiday specifically meant to celebrate female friendships. It’s a day for “ladies celebrating ladies,” and if I can directly quote our favorite character, again…

It’s wonderful and it should be a national holiday.

Agreed Leslie, agreed so hard.

Fellow ladies and future mom friends, you don’t need me to tell you how absolutely essential it is for us to make (and keep) meaningful friendships with other women. ESPECIALLY as moms.

Sisterhood. Girlpower. Non-judgmental mom breakdowns. We are here for it all. And that’s exactly what Galentine’s Day is all about.

Get Your Gang Together

If you are a Galentine’s Day traditionalist, your circle of gal pals will head out to “kick it breakfast style.” Brunch is a great way to celebrate. But don’t get me wrong, there is no one way to living the Galentine’s dream. You could go for coffee, a movie, or even just have your lady friends over at the house. It’s all about female community.

Do you need to purchase gifts? Only if you really want to. It’s more about being together and letting your girlfriends know that you love and support them.

Looking for some super-meta-awesome spots for your Galentine’s Day get together around Portland? Great, me too! Why not support small businesses that are also women owned at the same time? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Willamette Coffee House
    This community coffeehouse is located in West Linn and serves up tasty drinks and light food. Friendly staff, comfortable seating, and stellar reviews make this a top contender for meeting up with your gal pals. Feburary 14th will mark their 5th year anniversary, so keep a look out for their celebration specials!
  2. Etc… Eatery
    While you can’t frequent JJ’s Diner (because it doesn’t exist), Ect… Eatery fits the bill with lots of Pacific Northwest favorites. Looking for a Galentine’s Day brunch spot? This is the perfect place!
  3. Red Fred Collective
    Looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend? This retail space offers up a large selection of exceptional gifts from local artists, with a focus on women-owned businesses. They also offer some super fun classes and a weekly bingo night. Check them out for some awesome Galentine’s Day specials.
  4. Decadent Creations
    If you want to hang with your ladies at home, that works too. Swing by Decadent Creations for some truly delicious treats and party anywhere. Did you know the owner is a Chopped Champion? Literally everything that comes out of this place is delicious.
  5. Collective Kitchen
    Looking for an Galentine’s Day activity to do together? This place teaches classes on making macaroons and cookies to soups and savory dishes. You can even book a private class for you and your friends.
  6. Rose City Coffee
    Rose City offers two locations in SE Portland to get your eclectic coffee shop vibe on with your gal pals.
  7. Two Sisters Play Café
    No childcare this Galentine’s Day? Bring the kiddos with you to this fun coffee shop/cafe meets play place/paint studio. Check out their special valentine projects!
  8. Maplewood Coffee and Tea
    A historical landmark, Maplewood owner tries to keep the traditional meeting place vibe alive by specializing in locally roasted coffee, Portland-baked pastries, full meals, and other local Portland products.

Do it. Fierce. Power.

(Are there too many Parks and Recs references in this article?) #sorrynotsorry

Even if you can’t meetup with your girls for the 13th, shoot your friends a text. Let them know you love and appreciate them. Happy Galentine’s Day moms!

networkKatie is a stay-at-home(ish) mom to a strong-willed toddler and a velcro baby. As an East Coast transplant, she is now fully embracing the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. She spent her pre-children years in the laboratory, working in clinical genetics. Though she still has a great love of science, she has since focused her passion into her writing. Her personal blog is Raised on Love and Science. Come for the articles, but stay for the silly parenting memes. Katie also writes content for a variety of websites and businesses.