Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for the Sentimental Mom in Your Life


For the last few months, I’ve been keeping an eye out for unique Mother’s Day gifts, and I need to share them now! I know what you must be thinking:

What is wrong with you, woman? May is months away!

To which I respond, “Fair point. But, May 10th isn’t all that far from now.”

Maybe you’re the type of gift-giver that takes your mom out for a meal or buys her a massage. And that’s awesome. PLEASE, keep doing that.

image of a young child showing off her bicep with a temporary tattoo of a heart with Mom in the middle

But if you’re on the hunt for something a little different, hear me out. I’ve found some gifts around Portland that are fantastic for the sentimental mother in your life. However, they take a bit of planning. Hence, the reason why I’m talking about Mother’s Day now, in March.

Feel free to share links and screenshots as not-so-subtle-hints if you see something you like. (That’s my typical MO.)

As a general PSA, get her the massage too. All moms deserve a massage.

Mother’s Day Gift #1: Peg Doll Box from Sudie’s Corner

Kids (and families) grow up so fast, don’t they? (Too fast if you ask any mom.) What if you could capture a memory in time and cherish it forever? Maybe there’s a special place or a particular family photo with extra meaning.

Susana Barnreuther, the creator behind Sudie’s Corner, takes these memories and gives them a sentimental upgrade by making your family into little peg dolls. Also, she paints a background box that is unique to your family. The babies even have cloth carriers! (Seriously, it’s too cute!)

A Family of peg dolls in front of a painted river background from Sudie's Corner for a unique Mother's Day gift
Image courtesy of Sudie’s Corner

Other items at Sudie’s Corner include pieces that feature Harry Potty, the Handmaid’s Tale, the women of the US Supreme Court, and more. 

Most orders take 2-3 weeks to complete. However, orders tend to increase around holidays, so check out their most current timelines and order your own here.

Mother’s Day Gift #2: Ceramic Print from Stay Little PDX

Do you have littles in your life? If you’re anything like me, you know they won’t stay little forever, and you want to make sure you keep a few permanent reminders from their younger years. Their first outfit. An (unused) diaper in the size they wore when they were born. And now, a perfectly preserved hand or footprint from Stay Little PDX

With beautiful minimalist features in a variety of colors, Stay Little PDX perfectly captures a piece of childhood so you can always remember their littleness.

2 Ceramic hand prints from siblings Roslin (3 1/2 years) and Winslow (1 1/2 years) for Mother's Day gift
The final product that now hangs on my wall; image courtesy of Stay Little PDX

I had the pleasure of working with Hailey recently and sent this precious piece to my grandmother as a birthday gift. I included a note that read,

Anytime you miss us, now you can hold our hand.

Needless to say, it was a real hit. Did I also get one for myself? Yes, I most certainly did.

You can find Stay Little PDX at events all over town, or set up an appointment at their studio in Garden Home. Orders need to be made 8 weeks in advance to ensure enough time to set, so the sooner, the better. Gift certificates make fantastic gifts for moms-to-be as well.

Mother’s Day Gift #3: Paper Flowers from The Paper Flower Studio

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Mother’s Day gift? I’m going to guess it’s flowers.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a bouquet of flowers as much as any other mom. Unfortunately, flowers have this tendency to die in relatively short order. So instead of living flowers, why not go for a gift that doubles as a beautiful art piece? Check out the stunning paper creations from The Paper Flower Studio.

Mother's Day gift of framed paper flower arrangement featuring flowers in bright pink and deep reds with gold leaves made by The Paper Flower Studio
Image courtesy of The Paper Flower Studio

With an array of customizable arrangements and colors, the mom in your life can cherish these flowers for a lifetime.

While most of the time orders get out in a couple of weeks or less, Mother’s Day is very popular, so it’s best to get your request in sooner.

Because flowers are such a popular gift, I’ve offered up a few alternatives as well.

Flower Alternative #1: Felt Flowers

Similar to paper, felt flowers can make a centerpiece that lasts much longer than the living version. You can find them at a variety of shops around town like Frigg’s Mercantile, or you can even (*gulp*) attempt to DIY.

Flower Alternative #2: Wildflower Seed Bombs

Flowers that also help “Save the Bees”? Yes, please. 

Last year, I gave all the moms in my life Seedles. These wildflower seed bombs are easy to use and great for the environment! Seedles even caters to your specific region’s wildflower variety.

Mother’s Day Gift #4: Custom Mug or Tumbler with Your Kid’s Artwork

If your budding artists are anything like mine, there’s an abundance of their artwork on the fridge, in your office, on the walls…

Why not take one of mom’s favorites and put it on something she can take with her everyday? A custom tumbler or mug with her kid’s artwork, now that’s a winning combination.

Local maker, A Hummingbirds Designs can create a unique tumbler for the special mom in your life. In addition to the very cool tumbler designs, they also offer earrings, T-shirts, and wood signs.

Image of a teal tumbler with "I love you" in a child's handwriting for Mother's Day
Image courtesy of A Hummingbirds Designs

Is your mom a coffee or tea-drinker? That was a rhetorical question because of course she is. In that case, you’re going to want to head over to Great Northwest Designs, for the most heart-warming mug you ever did see.

While custom orders need about 6 weeks, I just want to note that I have been low-key obsessed with everything over at Great Northwest Designs for a hot minute now. It’s everything interesting, creative, funny, and weird (the good kind). Coincidentally, those are all words that also describe my personality.

Unique Mother's Day gift of child's drawing put on a ceramic mug from Great Northwest Designs
Image courtesy of Great Northwest Designs

Mother’s Day Gift #5: Group Wine Tour with a Designated Driver

 My last pick isn’t a “thing,” it’s an experience. (We’re all itching for more of those, right?)

We (yes, you and I) are ideally located on the northern point of the Willamette Valley. Do you know how many quality winery options are nearby? So MANY! Personally, I’d love to check out a few with my fellow mom-friends and make a whole day of it.

You can do precisely that with Amy & Reba’s Day Drinking Wine Tours! They customize the route based on our your group’s preferences and take care of the driving.

Now that you know my top picks for unique Mother’s Day gifts, clue me in if you’ve found something I should add. Let me know in the comments or on Facebook. Sidenote, could someone PLEASE get this list into my husband’s hands?!


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