Doctor Visit Checklist: A Mom’s Guide to Cold and Flu Season


As moms, we are not only taking care of ourselves, but the entire family as well. This is why it is important we get the most of every doctor’s visit. We make sure we have good health insurance, take our children into the doctor’s office for checkups, immunizations, and tests. We also spend time getting ourselves checked, and let’s face it, with all the processes, protocols, and vague information, these appointments are kind of a hassle. Now that it’s cold and flu season, we may need more visits to the doctor. So, in addition to home remedies, here’s a doctor visit checklist for consulting your physician the smart way.


Doctor’s Visit Checklist: 

1. Schedule Your Appointment Properly

Taking time to talk to the staff when setting a doctor’s visit helps ensure they schedule enough time for you or your child’s checkup. This also gives them the opportunity to get to prepare ahead of time for the visit. When scheduling, make sure:

  • They know all your concerns and special needs
  • They are aware of any prescription refills
  • Multiple family members in back-to-back appointments
  • To avoid long queues, choose other days of the week than Monday or Friday (the most commonly scheduled)

2. Prepare Important Information Before the Visit

We often forget things we should ask the physician if we are not ready enough for the checkup. With all the questions the doctor asks, we tend to get confused and lose our focus. Remember:

  • Write down all your concerns so you’ll never lose track
  • Review your health insurance policy so you’ll know what to expect with copays and deductibles
  • List or bring your prescriptions with you, so you can talk about specific medications you’re taking

3. Be Attentive

Even if you have frequent checkups, your doctor’s visit can still be filled with several questions and instructions and confusing moments. Be sure to:

  • Take notes because you are not going to remember everything you hear
  • Be honest with everything. The doctor might ask private questions and you will have to answer truthfully so he/she can fully understand your health issues and give the correct solution
  • Ask questions for clarifications if you don’t understand something. It’s always your right to understand everything that concerns you and your child’s health

As moms, we are in-charge of the entire family’s health. It doesn’t matter how busy we are, whenever our family needs us, we are there for them. Even if it is just a routine checkup for you or your child, it is still best to be well-prepared so you get the proper diagnosis and medication. Moreover, a good relationship with your physician will go a long way. Having a doctor’s visit checklist will help get each consultation right. 

What is on your doctor’s visit check list?