Five Good Habits for Moms in 2019


Mamas, we are far too hard on ourselves. It’s time we get out of our own way and embrace the life that is perfectly imperfect, and what better way than in a new year? Both good and bad habits affect our attitudes and outlooks. Here are five things I am aiming to make a habit of in 2019 in lieu of making New Year’s resolutions


1. Kick the Negative Self-Talk Habits

Sometimes you have to tell your inner monologue to shut its big yapper. The habitual voice of doom will always be in the back of your head, telling you that you’re not good enough, that your kids eat too much McDonald’s, and that you need to lose at least 50 pounds before swimsuit season. The truth is, you ARE enough. You earned each of those gray hairs and stretch marks. They look like wisdom. Your kids are fed and loved. Give yourself a break.

2. Planning Ahead

I know the adage “fail to plan and plan to fail” is a little heavy handed, but planning makes life easier. Meal planning is my kryptonite. It doesn’t help that I find grocery shopping completely and utterly soul-crushing. There are other small habits I can start, though. Like having my family lay their clothes out the night before. This helps the morning routine go more smoothly and removes the whole “where are my socks” conversation with my one child who isn’t refusing to wear “scratchy foot traps.”

3. Comparison Trap

Back away from your screen slowly. Put down your device. Social media is merely a highlight reel of people’s lives. Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to Susan who wears yoga pants every day because she clearly does her squats. Salute her glutes and be on your way. She’s worked hard for those, and you’ve worked hard for what you have, too. Start habits of contentment.

4. Ask for Help

I was down with influenza A and pneumonia for two weeks. I had no choice but to ask for help. Funny thing is, it taught me that I need to develop habits of asking for help even when I’m not sick. I can’t do it all, and I need a hand. So do you, and there is no shame in that. 

5. Be Grateful

I’ve heard it said that gratitude makes what we have enough. Forming habits of gratitude helps keep your heart and mind in check. I’m determined to live a grateful life even when the sink is full of dishes. Because it means my family is well fed, and that I have a home. 

What are some habits you plan to start or break in 2019? 

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