Sanity Saver: Decide Ahead of Time


I don’t think there is a mom out there who feels there is ever enough time in a day to get all (or sometimes any) of the things done. We are bombarded with feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion, not just by the sheer number of things on our to-do list, but by the thousands of decisions we make in a day. Wouldn’t it be so magical if someone could just decide for us? And…decide for us ahead of time?


This IS absolutely possible.

I know it sounds crazy, but stay with me.

We have a finite amount of hours in a day. We have a list a mile long. We rarely have a plan in place because, well, who has time to decide on a plan? You’ve heard that it’s helpful to prioritize, but that idea causes you to panic, and possibly hyperventilate!

Your think EVERYTHING is a priority!

What you do next is spin and spiral into confusion and overwhelm. Your list some how gets LONGER and your feeling of panic quickly turns to an equally daunting feeling of failure. Your result: you achieve nothing.

Rinse and repeat.
Day in, day out.

Here’s the thing; You utilize time in a way that is fully dependent on how you think about it. When you think, “Everything is a priority,” you feel short on time, you panic and you likely bounce from one thing to the next in no particular order. Your mind is unable to focus and decide between all the “priorities” you are trying to manage. In fact, your mind is constantly reminding you of all the things that MUST get done, how people will think you’re a slacker if you don’t get it together, and how your kids will surely suffer some sort of trauma if there isn’t a check mark by the “play with kids” task on your list.

It’s insanity, but it’s true, isn’t it? Be honest. Uh-huh, I see you nodding.

What if you were able to run your days without the feeling of frustration and panic?

What if you could feel productive at the end of the day instead of wickedly exhausted? Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

So how do you make it happen?

You DECIDE ahead of time.

AKA: You plan

3 Steps to Decide Ahead of Time:

  1. DECIDE what is truly most important for your week.
    For me it goes like this:

    • Job/Business: what brings in the money
    • Kids: what they legitimately need me to do for them (take them to school and feed them)
    • Non-negotiable: what I do for MYSELF each week (gym, date night, etc.)
    • Chores
    • Anything else
  2. WRITE it down and include the time it takes. (Click and download these Weekly and Daily printable to help you plan!)
    HINT: be REALISTIC about your time! It doesn’t take twenty minutes to shop at Target. It takes at least an hour. That “quick thing” you had to do for work right before you take your kids to dance lessons, always takes at least twenty minutes AND makes you late.
  3. COMMIT to follow the plan.
    It’s on paper. All you have to do is LOOK at it and decide to do what it says. Consider it your daily instructions.

When you have a plan, you have made all the decisions up front. You’ve made these decisions, not in the spin of a meltdown, but in a moment of clarity. You’ve decided AHEAD of time, which means:

  • You don’t have to think in the moment.
  • You just have trust what your CLEAR-moment-self decided you would do this week, this day, and this minute.
  • Decide to follow the plan, allow for grace if it doesn’t all go “perfectly,” and start to see a shift in your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions!

Everything doesn’t have to be a priority. Just say no to some things.

You can feel calm and productive.

You show up with clarity and direction.

You have less decisions to manage on a daily basis.

Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Why yes, it does.

If you need more help with this idea, please comment below. I already feel the questions coming, and I’m prepared to answer them!