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Boy in a playroom

Rethinking the Playroom

I often hear families express the desire for “more space” in their house, and they think that adding a playroom for their young children is the way to go. They fantasize that if their...
Kids eating s'mores

Set Up Your Yard for a Backyard Camping Adventure

Taking a camping trip with family and friends can end up feeling more like work than fun. By the time you’ve traveled to your destination and set up camp, you are likely to have...
Family surf adventure

Packing for a Family Surf Adventure on the Coast

As some Oregon coastal towns are opening back up, we're dreaming of a family surf adventure. It’s easy to paint an idyllic picture, working your way up the coast, camping at a different beach...
Anxiety in Kids

4 Parenting Tips for When Kids Are Anxious

A few months ago, I went into my son’s room to tuck him in and kiss him goodnight. It had been a normal school night (back when our kids left our homes to go...
Tips for Mountain Biking with Kids

Tips for Mountain Biking with Kids

The days of quarantine will hopefully be over soon, the sun will be shining and all of our favorite mountain biking trails will be open again.  There are few feelings in the world as rewarding...

Rent or Buy: Money-Saving Tips for Skiing Families

Skiing can be financially intimidating. You need the right gear, the right clothes, the lift tickets or season passes. When you factor in multiple children, it really adds up. Skiing as a family doesn’t have...
Rainbow Painting with Q-Tip

65 Kid Activity Ideas — Using Materials You Already Have!

With so much uncertainty surrounding the current pandemic, one thing on many parents' minds is how to keep their sanity child engaged and learning during the current school closures. While the idea of “homeschooling” can...
Home for the Holidays

There’s No Place Like NOT Home for the Holidays

The holidays are simply bursting with magic and fun: cookies, gifts, Zoo Lights , kids’ letters to Santa (my 6-year-old just wrote “I hope you give me a present with a puppy in one of them”...
maternal well-being

The Maternal Well-Being Study: Helping Prevent Postpartum Depression

You know that prenatal yoga class and meditation you keep meaning to do? It might help you and your baby after birth. The birth of your baby is a very special time! It can...
domestic violence

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: 5 Misunderstood Truths About Abuse

October is domestic violence awareness month, and I wanted to address this issue and possibly provide some education on the subject. Whether or not you are in a relationship, and even if your relationship...