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Lauren Allen Photography: Hiring A Family Photographer You Trust

I want to talk about trust and the importance of documenting your story. How are you documenting your unique story? And yes, your story is important. Choosing a photographer you trust is a big...
oral health

Diet and Dentistry: How Kids’ Eating Habits Can Affect Their Teeth

February is Children’s Dental Health Month. It is also National Snack Food Month. This isn’t going well. I have a confession to make. No, I have a couple confessions to make. I am a...
car seat

Winter Car Seat Safety

As the weather changes it is very tempting to have our children wear their jackets in the car seat. We want our children to be warm, but we also want them to be safe....
safe toys

Christmas Toy Tips from the Oregon Poison Center

The winter holidays are my favorite time of the year, but as a poison center educator I can't help but think of all gifted toys that can harm children. When people think poison, they...

A Working Mom in a Pinterest World

The school year is in full swing and now that the hoopla around class assignments, bus routes, and incredibly specific school supply lists is over, some of us moms find ourselves settling into our...

WHA Midwifery Birth Center: A Midwife Shares Her Own Birth Story

I’m a midwife and mummy of three. I’ve delivered hundreds of babies in different countries and cultures around the world, from Africa to Australia. Birth is both my profession and passion, therefore making the...

Mothering, Unmoored

One of the last things my mother said to me before she died is that I was a good mom. I hold on to this thought when things become unhinged. By that, I mean,...

How My VBAC Healed Me

On August 2nd, 2016 I achieved the unimaginable. I had such a low probability of success that my decision to attempt a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) sounded pretty crazy. But something stubborn, calm,...

Breastfeeding and the Battle of the Bulge: Why You Might Not be Shedding Those...

I gave birth to my second child not too long ago. I promised myself that I would enjoy the time with my baby and refrain from pressuring myself to shed the postpartum pounds. After...
poison center

Stories From the Oregon Poison Control Center

“Are there any stories that shock you, anymore?” I’ve asked the poison control nurses and pharmacists. As a public educator for the Oregon Poison Center, I have spent some time in the call room...